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Sparke and Shine Ornaments

Put a snowy day to good use by whipping up these sparkly star ornaments. In the twinkle of an eye, you'll be ready to trim the tree.


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Materials for One Large and One Small Ornament

Designer: Robin Nelson

1—9x10" piece cream felted wool (stars, hearts)
1/4 yard lightweight fusible web
Metallic embroidery floss: silver
Rayon embroidery floss: shiny white
8-mm pearl beads (2 total)
4-mm pearl beads(33 total)
5-mm flat back crystal accents (10 total)
3-mm flat back crystal accents (10 total)
Tacky or fabric glue

Finished ornaments: Large, 4-1⁄2"; small, 3-3⁄4"