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Snowman Door Hanger

Cotton scraps, buttons, and batting for the snowman's body give this delightful jingle-bells door hanger one-of-a-kind character. What a great gift for family and friends!


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Finish Hanger

1. Trim batting even with edges of hanger front. Position handle ends 1/2" in from each corner along top edge. Stay-stitch just inside hanger's raw edges.

2. Layer hanger front and backing with handle sandwiched inside; pin.

3. Sew together, leaving an opening on one side. (Be careful not to catch handle in the side seams when stitching.)

4. Turn right side out through opening; lightly stuff with fiberfill. Whipstitch opening closed.

5. Using red perle cotton, loosely sew two jingle bells at bottom point to complete hanger.