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Snowman Door Hanger

Cotton scraps, buttons, and batting for the snowman's body give this delightful jingle-bells door hanger one-of-a-kind character. What a great gift for family and friends!


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Embellish Hanger

1. Layer appliqued foundation right side up atop batting.

2. Referring to Applique Placement Diagram, use black perle cotton and a No. 5 embroidery needle to sew a running stitch around appliqués and an X-pattern through pieced squares at the top of hanger. To make a running stitch, pull needle up at A and insert it back into fabric at B, 1/8" away from A (Running Stitch Diagram). Pull needle up at C, 1/8" away from B, and continue in the same manner.

3. Using black perle cotton, add seven French knots to form the eyes and mouth. To make a French knot, pull thread through at A (French Knot Diagram). Wrap thread around needle two or three times. Insert tip of needle into fabric at B, 1/16" away from A. Gently push wraps down needle to meet fabric. Pull needle and trailing thread through fabric slowly and smoothly.

4. Using two strands of brown embroidery floss, stem-stitch branchlike arms. To stem-stitch, pull needle up at A (Stem Stitch Diagram). Insert needle back into fabric at B, about 3/8" away from A. Then, holding floss out of the way, bring needle back up at C and pull floss through so it lies flat against fabric. The distances between points A, B, and C should be equal. Pull with equal tautness after each stitch.

5. Add five small buttons to snowman's body and one button to star to complete hanger front.