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Season’s Best Ornaments

Celebrate the warmth of the holiday season with these quick-to-stitch wool ornaments.


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Appliqué Poinsettia Ornament

1. Referring to Poinsettia Ornament Placement Diagram, position red I and J petals and green H leaves atop a black B circle. Then remove all the red petals; glue or pin the green leaves in place.

2. Using one strand of green embroidery floss and straight stitches, stitch around the leaves. Layer the red petals atop the black circle. Using one strand of red embroidery floss and straight stitches, stitch around each petal; start with the bottom layer and work to the top.

Note: When straight-stitching around some of the petals, start at the midpoint of a petal and work toward the flower center, leaving the outer half of the petal unstitched. This will give the poinsettia added dimension.

3. Using one strand of gold embroidery floss wrapped once around the needle, add seven French knots where the petals meet.

4. Using one strand of black embroidery floss, straight-stitch veins on the red petals to finish the poinsettia appliqué.