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Seasonal Stitches

Increase your hand-embroidery know-how as you embellish holiday motifs on a set of stuffed wool ornaments. 

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Designer: Sue Spargo of Sue Spargo Folk-Art Quilts


4" square red silk velvet (bird appliqué)
8—4-1⁄2" squares assorted green felted wool (appliqué foundations, ornament backs)
Scraps of red and dark orange felted wools (wing and flower center appliqués)
4" square each of yellow-green, light blue, dark coral, and orange felted wools (beak, circle, pomegranate, and flower appliqués)
5" square cream felted wool (snowflake and circle appliqués)
Scrap of cream silk velvet (snowflake center appliqué)
1⁄3 yard 3⁄16"-wide velvet ribbon: green
Wool and cotton threads in colors that match appliqués
Perle cotton No. 8: red/rust variegated, yellow-green, cream/gray variegated, and orange variegated
Small heishi bead (flat, sequinlike bead): black
Freezer paper
Fusible lightweight sheer interfacing, such as Presto Sheer
Needles: chenille, No. 24; straw, No. 11; milliner’s, No. 1
1⁄4" hole punch (optional)

Finished ornaments: approximately 2-1⁄2×3"

Quantities are for 100% felted wool and 100% silk velvet fabrics.