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Playful Snowman Ornament

Put felt scraps to good use by turning them into merry snowmen ornaments and package trims. Stuffed and assembled with a simple blanket stitch, the little guys wear felt-strip scarves and vibrant stocking caps topped with pom-poms.


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Assemble the Ornament

For embroidery-stitch instructions, see downloadable PDF above.

1. Using three strands of black embroidery floss, make two French knots on a white felt A snowman for eyes. Using three strands of black embroidery floss, split-stitch a smile on the same white felt snowman.

2. Position orange felt B nose on embroidered snowman. Using two strands of orange embroidery floss, whipstitch nose in place.

3. Layer embroidered snowman and remaining white felt A snowman with wrong sides together. Using three strands of blue embroidery floss, blanket-stitch snowman edges together, leaving a small opening. Stuff the ornament with fiberfill and blanket-stitch opening closed.

4. Position lime green felt D and E stripes on a light blue felt C hat. Using two strands of green embroidery floss, whipstitch pieces in place.

5. Fold ribbon piece in half. Layer embroidered hat and remaining light blue felt C hat with wrong sides together. Tuck ribbon ends between layers at the top. Using three strands of blue embroidery floss, blanket-stitch hat edges together, securing ribbon and leaving an opening at bottom of hat as indicated on Pattern C. Slip hat on snowman’s head and blanket-stitch in place.

6. Glue lime green pom-pom to tip of hat using crafts glue.

7. Cut 1/2" slits on both ends of lime green felt 1/2x10" strip. Tie around snowman’s neck.



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