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Peppermint Swirl Ornament

Trim your tree or gifts with these peppermint ornaments that put a yummy spin on your holiday decorating.


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Assemble the Ornament

1. Using one strand of bright pink embroidery floss, stem-stitch dashed lines on white felt C piece. Repeat with gray embroidery floss on white felt B piece.

2. Using one strand of white embroidery floss and a beading needle, attach white sequins and clear beads to white felt B piece. To attach sequins and beads, bring a threaded beading needle up at point where embellishment is desired, thread a sequin and a clear bead onto needle, and pull floss through. Insert needle back through sequin and felt at same point where it came up. Repeat with red embroidery floss, red sequins, and red beads on red felt D piece.

3. Center red felt D piece on white felt C circle. Use one strand of red embroidery floss to whipstitch in place.

4. Center the C/D circle on white felt B piece; whipstitch in place with white embroidery floss to make ornament front.