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No-Sew Bright Ornaments

Craft jiffy, no-sew tree trimmings from splashy fabric. Choose a favorite holiday print or use scraps of leftover fabric for one-of-a-kind ornaments. Fabrics are from the Kumari Garden collection by Dena Designs for FreeSpirit.


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Assemble Ornament

1. Press fabric scrap. Roughly fussy-cut design motif from fabric, about 1⁄2" outside motif edges.

2. Cut a piece of peel-and-stick crafts felt slightly larger than fabric motif. Peel off felt backing.

3. Center and smooth fabric motif onto sticky side of felt. Finger-press layers to secure fabric to felt.

4. Using pinking shears, trim outer edges of felt-backed fabric motif to make ornament.

5. Using a crafts knife, cut a 1⁄2" vertical slit beginning about 1⁄4" from center top edge of ornament.

6. Thread ribbon or twill tape through slit; tie ribbon ends together about 3" from slit to make hanger.

7. Thread needle through two or three assorted beads and stitch to dangle them from bottom to complete ornament.



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