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Let It Snow Card

Build a cute snowman out of felt. Add a snowy greeting below him for a wonderful winter greeting card.


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Assemble Card

1. Fuse an orange Pattern C nose, black Pattern D mouth, and black patterns E and F eyes onto a white Pattern B face. Using orange thread, hand-stitch nose in place. Fuse the snowman face and a black Pattern A hat onto light blue cardstock 4x5-1⁄2" rectangle.

2. Fold a burgundy cardstock 6x9" rectangle in half to make a 4-1⁄2x6" card. Center and glue the light blue rectangle to the card front.

3. Print "Let it snow!" on fabric or paper. This card uses printed words in white type with a burgundy background on white fabric. Trim to a 1⁄2x2-1⁄4" rectangle. Use scraps of fusible web to adhere rectangle just below snowman.