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Icy Snowflakes

Dress up snowflake ornaments with frosty beads and metallic embroidery floss. Hang a blizzard for a glittery tree or string on thread for a cute garland.


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Cut and Assemble Ornament A

From blue plaid, cut:
1 each of patterns A and D

From cream wool, cut:
1 of Pattern D

1. Referring to Diagram 1, center blue plaid A snowflake on cream wool D circle. Fuse in place.

2. Pin fused D circle on tear-away stabilizer. Using silver machine-embroidery thread and a small stitch length, machine-zigzag-stitch around all appliqué edges.

3. Referring to Beading Diagram A, embellish snowflake with seed beads and bugle beads.

4. Referring to Diagram 2, position a silver cording 5"-long piece in
a loop with the ends extending beyond edge of fused D circle; baste in place.

5. Gently tear stabilizer away from outside edge of snowflake (stabilizer will remain behind appliquéd and beaded areas).

6. Layer fused D circle and blue plaid D circle with right sides together; pin in place. Starting opposite the cording, stitch around circle edges, leaving
a 1-1⁄4" opening for turning (Diagram 3).

7.  Turn ornament right side out by pulling silver cording loop through opening. Smooth edges with a blunt tool and finger-press ornament flat.

8. Using two strands of silver embroidery floss, whipstitch around outer edges to close opening and complete ornament A.