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Holiday Time Ornaments

It’s never too soon to get a jump on the holidays--for yourself or for those on your gift list. This year, consider a quartet of easy ornaments that combine embroidery and embellishing. Stitch up the season! Fabrics are from the Splash and the Moving and Shaking collections by Blank Quilting.

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Basic Assembly

1. Center fabric B circle over small hoop. Place larger hoop on top and tighten screw. Adjust fabric as needed so it is evenly taut.

2. Referring to instructions for each ornament, arrange appliqués on right side of hooped B circle. Pin or baste in place with fabric glue.

3. On wrong side of hooped B circle, apply glue stick; adhere a batting A circle.

4. Hand-stitch and embellish hooped B circle according to instructions for each ornament, stitching through both fabric and batting, to make ornament top.

5. Remove ornament top from hoop and press flat. Paint outer hoop, if desired, and let dry. Re-hoop, being sure screw is centered at top of ornament.

6. Place hooped ornament top right side down on your work surface. Working with a small section at a time, apply glue stick along inside of small hoop. Fold excess fabric evenly to back and finger-press, pleating as necessary.

7. Apply glue stick to cardboard A circle; finger-press a batting A circle on top. Place backing fabric B circle right side down on work surface and apply glue stick to wrong side. Center cardboard A circle, batting side down, on B circle. Wrap fabric evenly to back of cardboard circle, clipping into fabric edge as needed to make it lie flat, and glue to cardboard to make ornament backing.

8. Glue ornament backing to wrong side of hooped ornament top.

9. Attach wire hanger to screw at top of hoop.