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Holiday Gift Tags

Add a personal touch to seasonal packages with festive gift tags made from sewing supplies and notions.

Hanging Ornaments Gift Tag

A seasonal greeting gift tag is spruced up with some creative printing and embroidery floss. Use computer software to design a gift tag with a holiday message and circle shapes. Print it out and add a single line of embroidery from the top of each circle to the top of the gift tag. Glue to a second piece of cardstock to add a pop of color.

Sweet Tweets Gift Tags

Print gift tags with cute winter motifs to adorn all your homemade presents this year!

Get the free gift tags here.

3D Evergreen Gift Tag

Replicate this cushioned Christmas tree tag with some basic sewing skills. Pick out a festive fabric and cut two triangles to form the tree shape. Sew the triangles together, stuffing some fiberfill inside to produce the padded look. Adhere the tree, along with a piece of brown paper as the tree trunk, to cardstock to finish.

Rickrack Greeting Gift Tag

A white gift tag gets a punch of holiday color with alternating rickrack glued to one end and a stamped message on the other. 

Personalized Stocking Gift Tag

Hang this cute gift card from any present to personalize a gift! Cut out a stocking and top cuff shape from red and white cardstock. Trace the name of the gift recipient on the stocking cuff, then embroider over the name using a running stich. Add a curved stitch line to the toe of the red stocking shape. Glue the stocking and cuff together.

Poinsettia Gift Tag

Make poinsettia stickers the star of your gift tag. Stitch two squares of linen together and glue the flower shape on top. Layer a square of bright cardstock and the square of linen as shown in the picture. Fold a length of ribbon in half and position the ends in-between the squares. Glue the squares together so the ribbon is secured in the center.

Christmas Tree Gift Tag

An easy-to-make tree tag, this creation showcases a seasonal symbol. Sketch a tree shape on a plain gift tag with a pencil. Run glue (a fine-tip applicator works best) over the design. Adhere green embroidery floss to the glue outline to finish the look.

Merry Christmas Gift Tag

Underline a printed or stamped holiday message with embroidery floss. Wrap alternating colors of embroidery floss in your favorite holiday colors around the bottom of a gift tag. Tie the beginning and ends of the floss together to hold the embellishment in place.

Season for Giving Tag

Print pretty gift tags to accompany all your homemade presents this year!

Get the free gift tag here.

Rickrack Magic Gift Tag

Easily dress up a plain white gift tag with on-hand sewing supplies. Twist two colors of rickrack into seasonal shapes, such as a candy cane or a wreath. Glue the ends of the rickrack together. Then adhere the shape to the gift tag and embellish.

Fabric Gift Tags

Personalize gifts with easy-to-make fabric tags dressed up with a bit of embellishments.

Get the free gift tag pattern here.


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