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Fit to Be Tied

Elevate your gift-giving with fabric gift tags that double as keepsake ornaments.


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Designer: Amy Sinibaldi


Christmas Tree Tag



•    6" square of pink-and-white stripe

•    4×6" piece of fusible interfacing

•    4×6" piece of fusible web

•    3×5" piece of green print

•    3×5" piece of white felt

•    Sewing thread: white

•    Sewing needle

•    2" length of printed word ribbon

•    Sequins: 5 round dark pink, 4 round light pink, 3 round silver, 1 gold star

•    1⁄4"-diameter grommet: silver

•    12"-length of baker’s twine: white-and-silver


Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.




Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. Trace the patterns onto white paper; cut out. Cut the following pieces:


From pink-and-white stripe, cut:

•    2 of Tag B

From fusible interfacing cut: 

•    1 of Tag B





1.    Trace tree onto the paper side of fusible web; cut out.

2.    With fusible side down, press fusible-web shape onto back side of green print. Cut out tree on the lines. 

3.    Remove paper from fusible-web tree and place tree on white felt; press. Carefully cut around tree, leaving 3 mm of white felt showing around tree. 

4.    Following manufacturer’s instructions and aligning raw edges, fuse interfacing to wrong side of tag front. Topstitch tree to right side of tag front using white sewing thread.

5.    Sew sequins to tree front and star sequin to top of tree using white sewing thread. Note: To secure sequins, make stitches through the center of the sequin and over the front of the sequin that resemble the spokes of a wagon wheel. 

6.    Fold ribbon in half with printed side facing out; press fold. With right sides together, sew tag front and tag back, leaving a 2" opening along right side and inserting folded ribbon in left side seam. Trim the curves; press. Turn right side out and hand-stitch the opening closed. Topstitch around the edges of the tag.

7.     Following manufacturer’s instructions, attach a grommet to the center top of the tag. Tie baker’s twine through the grommet for a hanger.