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Fabric Holiday Ornaments

Make simple holiday ornaments using holiday-theme fabric, metallic crochet thread, and yo-yos. Stuff the ornaments with more fiberfill and they can double as pincushions.


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Finish Ornament

1. Using six strands of matching or contrasting floss and a long, sharp needle, insert needle into center of ornament front, then exit center of ornament back (Diagram 2). Bring needle and floss up around an inside curve, then push needle down from front center to back center as before. Continue stitching in the same manner at each inside curve, pulling tightly to indent ornament. Knot securely.

2. Turn under 1/4" around red or green print C (D) circle. Using a long running stitch, hand-stitch close to folded edge (Diagram 3); draw up stitches tightly and tie thread ends in a knot to make a yo-yo.

3. Hand-stitch yo-yo to center of ornament front with matching thread.

4. Slide one end of gold cord under an inside corner stitch. Knot cord ends to make a hanging loop.



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