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Fabric Holiday Ornaments

Make simple holiday ornaments using holiday-theme fabric, metallic crochet thread, and yo-yos. Stuff the ornaments with more fiberfill and they can double as pincushions.


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Assemble Ornament

1. On wrong side of a red or green print 5" square (3" square), trace around A (B) template with a pencil.

2. With right sides together, layer marked and unmarked red or green print 5" squares. With a small stitch length (1.5–2 millimeters), sew on marked line. Overlap stitches slightly where you begin and end.
3. Trim seam allowance a scant 1/4" beyond stitching line. Clip corners and curves almost to stitching (Diagram 1).

4. Decide which print will be the front of the ornament; carefully cut a 3/4"-long slit in the center of the front.

5. Turn right side out through slit. Fill with stuffing; use eraser end of a pencil to poke stuffing into curved edges.