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Comfort and Joy Stocking Pillows

Tuck tiny treats or a few Christmas greens in the tops of the stockings embellishing these fresh-for-the-season pillows.


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Assemble Pillows

1. Referring to Diagram 4, pin the completed snowflake stocking to the center of a yellow linen 14-1⁄2" square. Beginning and ending 1" beneath the stocking cuff, stitch through the stocking and back cuff layers following the original seam line. Note: The front cuff is not stitched down.

2. Referring to Diagram 5, edgestitch along the top back edge of the stocking cuff, leaving the top front edge free, to complete the pillow front.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to sew the completed pine tree stocking to the center of a sage green 14-1⁄2" square to complete a second pillow front.

4. Aligning raw edges, sew a length of burgundy covered cording to each pillow front.

5. Sew each pillow front to a matching 14-1⁄2" square, leaving a 5" opening along a side. Turn right side out through the opening to make each pillow cover.

6. Insert pillow forms in the pillow covers and hand-stitch the openings closed to complete the pillows.