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Chimney Charmers

Festive foundation-pieced trees adorn a pair of stockings. Make several in seasonal colors to decorate your mantel.


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Complete Stocking

1.    Referring to Diagram 15, join trees B, C, and D in a row. Press seams open. Use Pattern H to trim edges of joined tree row. Carefully remove foundation papers. 

2.    With right sides together, sew together joined tree row and a solid white H piece along long (bottom) edge to make cuff front. Turn cuff front right side out and press. Baste edges together a scant 1⁄4" from raw edges.

3.    Using two remaining solid white H pieces, repeat Step 2 to make cuff back.

4.    With wrong sides together, layer green plaid stocking lining reversed and quilted stocking front.

5.    Place cuff front with tree row facing up; top with layered stocking front, right side up, and align top raw edges (Diagram 16). Stitch top edges together and press cuff front open to make cuffed stocking front. Trim batting close to seam line to reduce bulk.

6.    With wrong sides together, layer green plaid stocking lining and red print stocking body reversed. With red print piece facing up, place layered pieces on cuff back and align top raw edges. Stitch top edges together; press cuff back open to make the cuffed stocking back.

7.    With green plaid lining sides facing each other, align edges of cuffed stocking front and cuffed stocking back. Pin in place, then machine-stitch together, leaving top cuff edge open (Diagram 17).

8.    Beginning 1" below cuff, bind stocking with green plaid binding strips; leave starting edge of binding raw to reduce bulk.

9.    Turn cuff down over stocking and press. If desired, trim bottom corner seam allowances of cuff and use a dab of fabric glue to prevent fraying.

10.    Overlap ends of 3⁄8"-wide green stripe ribbon to make a stocking hanger loop. Place loop on top left seam line and hand-sew a 1⁄2"-diameter white button on top of overlap to complete stocking.