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Chimney Charmers

Festive foundation-pieced trees adorn a pair of stockings. Make several in seasonal colors to decorate your mantel.


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Assemble, Embellish, and Quilt Stocking Front

Use three strands of black embroidery floss for all embroidery stitches.


1.    Center red print E piece along top edge of Tree A; pin in place. Using Stocking Body Pattern as a guide, position red print G piece along bottom edge of Tree A; pin in place. Join pieces to make stocking front. Press seams away from Tree A.

2.    Center Stocking Body Pattern on stocking front. Trim side edges of Tree A roughly 1⁄2" beyond pattern (Diagram 13). Carefully remove foundation paper from Tree A.

3.    Referring to photo, use a running stitch to embroider a garland on Tree A.

4.    Position assorted wool felt I light and J star appliqués on Tree A (Diagram 14).

5.    Blanket-stitch around star. To make a blanket stitch, bring needle up at A and form a reverse L shape with the floss (Blanket Stitch Diagram). Holding floss in place with your thumb, bring needle back down at B. Bring needle up at C, securing the stitch. Continue in same manner.

6.    Stitch a French knot in the center of each light.To make a French knot, bring needle up at A, the point where the knot is desired (French Knot Diagram). Wrap floss around needle tip twice without twisting it. Bring needle back down at B, about 1⁄16" away from A, and bring floss through to back smoothly.

7.    Layer stocking front, batting, and muslin 14×27" rectangle; baste.

8.    Quilt as desired. Designer Jill Finley outline-quilted 1⁄2" from Tree A then machine-quilted remainder of stocking front with an allover stipple.

9.    Center Stocking Body Pattern on quilted stocking front; trim all edges even with pattern.