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All Snowed In

Though snow may be falling outside, the warm glow of a hearth shines out of each window. Use a polka dot background to simulate snow in the stitched village.


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Assemble House Blocks

1. Referring to Diagram 7, join a blue-and-white polka dot B piece, a blue-and-white polka dot C piece, and a red print D piece to make a chimney unit. Press seams toward red print. Repeat to make nine chimney units total.

2. For one house block, gather one chimney unit, one black print E roof, one blue-and-white polka dot A sky triangle, one light gold print 2-1⁄4x3" window rectangle, one red plaid 2-1⁄2x6" door rectangle, and the following pieces from one golden brown print: three 1-1⁄4x6" rectangles, one 1-1⁄2x6-1⁄2" rectangle, and one 2-1⁄4x3-1⁄2" rectangle. Lay out all pieces in sections according to Diagram 8.

3. Referring to Diagram 8, sew blue-and-white polka dot A sky triangle and chimney unit to black print E roof. Press seams toward roof.

4. Join light gold print 2-1⁄4x3" rectangle and golden brown print 2-1⁄4x3-1⁄2" rectangle; press seam toward golden brown print. Sew together remaining pieces in bottom section; press seams in one direction. Then join sections and golden brown print 1-1⁄2x6-1⁄2" rectangle to complete a house block (Diagram 8). Press seams toward golden brown print rectangle. The house block should be 6-1⁄2x10-1⁄2" including seam allowances.

5. Repeat steps 2–4 to make three matching house blocks.

6. Using remaining pieces, repeat steps 2–4 to make nine house blocks total (three sets of three matching blocks).