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12 Days of Christmas Banner

A partridge in a pear tree takes center stage on this quilted banner. With each pear ornament bearing an embroidered phrase from the much-loved carol, you’ll be singing along every time you pass by.


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Assemble the Quilt Banner Center

1. Referring to the Appliqué Placement Diagram, center the brown print A piece on the off-white background, positioning the top of A about 4 inches below the upper edge of the background; fuse in place.

2. Lay the brown print B, C, and D pieces across the brown print A piece, referring to the Appliqué Placement Diagram for placement. Do not fuse in place.

3. Arrange solid red E and solid gold F and G pieces at the top of piece A and the embroidered blue stripe H piece at the bottom of piece A, overlapping the pieces as indicated on the diagram. Fuse the pieces in place.

4. Arrange the print I, J, K, and L pieces underneath the brown print D piece, noting the overlaps of the pieces in the diagram; fuse.

5. Use one strand of brown floss to straight-stitch around the tree, bird, tree base, and packages and to satin-stitch the bird’s eye. Use one strand of contrasting floss to backstitch a ribbon tie to each package. Referring to the photo on page 7 for placement, sew two buttons to the top branch, four buttons to the middle branch, and six buttons to the bottom branch.

6. Sew short border strips to the short edges of the quilt center. Press the seams toward the border. Sew the long border strips to the long edges of the banner center. Press the seams toward the border.