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Jody’s Passion 48: July

My quilt is back from machine quilter Nancy Sharr. She used King Tut Jewel of the Nile thread by Superior Threads on the front and in the bobbin.  Unlike some people in the office, (you know who you are…), binding is NOT my favorite thing to do. However, using the Wonder Clips from Clover  make it a much more enjoyable task.



The quilting design is a stylized tulip called Bellflower.  I think the softer curves complement the hard edges of the rectangles. (View of the back).

The quilt is bed-size, so it’ll take me couple nights in front of the TV to get the binding turned and tacked down.


Since there are 24 weeks left in the year, I’m going to start another project. I have selected the pattern and started pulling circa 1890 blue and white shirtings from my stash. Check back in August to see the progress on my Passion 48/2013 Quilt #2.


Jody’s Passion 48: June

I have had so much fun working on my Passion 48 project – Urban Attitude by Cherri House (author of City Quilts and Urban Views).


I have finished piecing together the last rows.



And completed pressing and clipping threads.


All fourteen rows have been sewn together!


Next week I’ll piece the backing and binding and then it’s off to the machine quilter. It’s always good to discuss expectations with your machine-quilter. Telling them, “Do whatever you want” isn’t always the best solution. You may not be happy with the result. If you are unsure of how you would like something quilted ask your quilter for suggestions on design and thread options. Let the quilter know if you want the thread color to blend in or be the main attraction. Evaluate the intended use. Will the quilt be used and laundered frequently? If so, an allover design may be more economical than custom quilting.

Elizabeth’s Passion 48: May

When it came time to select a project for my Passion 48 challenge, I had two goals that were really important to me. First, I wanted to challenge myself to use mostly fabrics from my stash. Second, I wanted to select a quilt that would help me perfect quarter inch seams. Oh, and one more thing…I had to love this pattern since I would be spending one hour a week working on it for the entirety of 2013!


The pattern I finally decided on was Fabric Fusion by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio that was featured in the February 2012 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting (see original quilt below). What intrigues me most about this quilt is the wide the eclectic combination of floral, traditional and modern prints that somehow work seamlessly together. I also love the clean lines and use of the skinny white sashing.



As a somewhat beginner/intermediate quilter, my fabric collection is not very eclectic (yet!). However, my stash did manage to surprise me! Ask anyone that knows me fairly well, and they will tell you that my favorite color palette is a combination of aqua, turquoise, and green. What I found when I started sorting through my stash was a large collection of prints in shades of pink, purple and eggplant. Has your fabric stash ever surprised you when you actually stand back and look at it?


I decided to start with one of my favorite prints from Tula Pink’s “Parisville” fabric line to help with my fabric selection. This print uses a red/pink and eggplant background, but I used the center dots in the eye drop shape to pull more colors from. Notice how I still managed to include some turquoise and green?! So far, the only fabric I will need to purchase will be the white sashing.



I can’t wait to start playing around with the placement of color and scale, but first will be lots of cutting, chain piecing and practicing my quarter inch seams. More on that to come!



Nancy’s Passion 48: April

Yippie! I have finished my first star block! My confidence is climbing and I’ve decided to tackle the star blocks two at a time. This way I can chain piece the triangle squares and hopefully get more done in my hour each week.


The pattern I am using has six blocks in different colors so now I have chain pieced triangle squares for the next two colors (green and orange).


I use a scrap of fabric and start in the middle of the scrap piece to start my chain. It keeps first triangle square block from getting distorted. Then I kept my pieces pretty close together and all pinned and lined up the same way. I have the colorful fabric pressed over itself so it won’t show thru on the white.


Crazy, but the challenge is really fun! I am getting addicted to the little triangle pieces and it helps to not be in a big hurry.  I can’t wait to work on it every week!


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Jody’s Passion 48: April

It is month four of my Passion 48 project.

This month has been spent putting vertical rows together.  This shows the two different rows that I’ll be constructing.



The blocks and setting rectangles are large so I can put 3-4 vertical rows together in an hour. Sometimes I get so excited to see the next row go up on the design wall, that I put the row up and sew together the next row before pressing.

I now have all 14 vertical rows made!



Before I sew the vertical rows together to make the quilt top, I want to make sure I am happy with the placement of all the fabrics. Check back next month to see my progress.



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