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Make It Tonight: Wine Bag

Personalize a bottle of bubbly or wine by enclosing it in a special gift bag. This project is courtesy of our sewing blog, howtosew.com. Visit daily for new sewing projects and lots of holiday decorations and gift ideas!


wine wrap

Fabric: Sphere collection by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics



wine wrap


2—8×15″ rectangles white burlap

7×8″ rectangle blue-and-white print

7×8″ rectangle fusible webbing

Blue-and-white gingham ribbon


Finished wine bag: 7x12x3″


**Sew this project with 1/2″ seams. (Note: Unprinted burlap is the same on both sides.)
Assemble Wine Bag:


wine wrap

1. Following manufacturer’s instructions; press a fusible web rectangle to wrong side (back) of blue-and-white print rectangle; let cool. Peel off paper.


wine wrap
2. Cut fused rectangle in half to make two 3-1/2×8″ print rectangles.


wine wrap
3. Fuse a print rectangle to one burlap rectangle about 5″ from a short edge.


wine wrap
4. With right sides together, join fused rectangles along side and bottom edges.


wine wrap
5. To shape flat bottom for bag, at one corner match bottom seam line to side seam line, creating a flattened triangle.


wine wrap
6. Measuring 1-1/2″ from point of triangle, draw a line across triangle. Sew on the drawn line. Repeat with remaining bottom corner to make the bag body.


wine wrap
7. Turn bag body right side out.


wine wrap
8. Create fringe at the top edge by pulling threads from each seam until the fringe is about 1/2″ long.
9. Add bottle of bubbly. Tie bag top with ribbon.

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Make It Tonight: Felt Treat Bag


Make a small treat bag from crafts felt and ribbon. This bag is so simple to sew, you’ll be making them by the dozen! This project is courtesy of our sewing blog, howtosew.com. Visit daily for new sewing projects and lots of holiday decorations and gift ideas!


Finished size: 5-1/4×5-1/4×1-1/2″ without handles


• 10×12″ rectangle  crafts felt (bag)
• 24″-long, 5/8″- or 3/4″-wide ribbon


Cut Fabrics:

From orange felt, cut:
• 2—5-1/4″ squares
• 3—1-1/2×5-1/4″ rectangles

From ribbon, cut:
• 2—12″ long pieces


Create Bag Body:

1. Using 1/4″ seam allowance and matching thread, join short edges of felt 1-1/2×5-1/4″ rectangles to make a long strip.

2. Pin first section of long strip to one edge of one orange felt 5-1/4″ square (bag front) with raw edges aligned and facing out.


3. Sew pieces together using a 1/4″ seam allowance; stop stitching 1/4″ from bottom edge.

4. Pin third section of long strip to opposite edge of bag front as done before. Sew pieces together; stop stitching 1/4″ from bottom edge.

5. Pin second (middle) of long strip to bottom edge of bag front. Sew pieces together, beginning and ending stitching 1/4″ from corners, to complete bag front.

6. Repeat steps adding remaining orange felt 5-1/4″ square (bag back) to bag front to complete bag body.


Finish Bag:

1. Pin ends of one 12″-long ribbon to top of bag front about 1/2″ from side seams. Sew in place.

2. Repeat with remaining ribbon length and bag back to complete treat bag.



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Perfect Your Skills: Hand Piecing

Each month, learn a fun trick or tip to make your quilting easier and more polished!


Hand piecing is a relaxing and sometimes more accurate way to piece blocks. See step-by-step photos for hand piecing below (we used a diamond star shape as an example!).


Lay out diamonds. Pick up diamond Nos. 1 and 2; layer them with right sides together.


Pin diamonds together with a pin exiting exactly at each pair of matching points. Sew from right-hand side to left-hand side (see picture above for starting and stopping points). Take tiny backstitch at the last stitch. Do not cut thread.


Open pieces and finger-press seam allowances to right.


Position diamond No. 3 on diamond No. 2 with right sides together and edges aligned. Pin at left-hand side.


Push thumbnail against seam allowance at the star center. Without catching the seam allowances in stitching, bring up needle at dot, right around thumbnail.


Take a tiny backstitch at starting point, then sew seam from the star center to the left-hand side, stopping at pin (see placement above).


Open pieces and finger-press seams away from center diamond, completing a half star.


In same manner, join diamond Nos. 4, 5, and 6 to make second star half. Pin star halves together with pins.


Sew from right-hand side toward star center. Pull seam allowances to the left. Stitch together and take a tiny backstitch. Do not clip thread.


Bring needle through to base of seam line. Push seam allowances to the right, take a tony backstitch, and continue stitching seam.


Stitch seam to outside to complete a six-pointed star. Finger-press seams.

Make It Tonight: Bookend


Fabric bookends are an easy way to add color and personal style to any room! You can make them from scraps of fabric or choose fabric to match your decor. They make great gifts, too! Design them in baby fabric for a nursery or pair it with a favorite book for a birthday present!


Materials for One Bookend:

1/4 yard  fabric

Quart-size resealable plastic bag

Rice or sand


Finished bookend: 7×8-3/4″


Cut Fabric:

From fabric, cut:

2—8×10″ rectangles


Assemble Bookend:


1. Layer the rectangles with right sides together. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew around three edges, leaving a short edge open, to make a bag.

2. Turn bag right side out. Fold raw edges of fourth side under 3/4″.

3. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, topstitch around the three sewn edges.

4. Fill a plastic bag halfway with rice or sand; push air out and seal. Place the sealed bag in the fabric bag.

5. Topstitch the open edge closed with 1/4″ seam allowance to complete the bookend.

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Perfect Your Skills: Points

Each month, learn a fun trick or tip to make your quilting easier and more polished!


Are your points not lining up perfectly? Try this!

After sewing together two block units, stab a pin through the point where the block units come together.


Leaving that pin in place, pin pieces together on either side of the seam line.


Leave the pins in place just until you are about to sew over them. The result will be perfectly aligned points in your block.