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Pat Sloan on The City Quilter Gallery

pat sloan infinate variety red white quilt exhibit4

This past March I was up in New York City to see the Empire Quilt Guild quilt show, the Red and White Quilt Exhibit, and I made it to The City Quilter shop … right around the corner from the Fashion Institute!

noriko endo and city quilter

The City Quilter had just open their new Gallery space, which is the only Gallery in NYC devoted to contemporary art quilt, very exciting!  The current exhibit are quilts by Noriko Endo. Here she is outside the Gallery.

noriko endo cherry blossoms

This is her quilt titled Cherry Blossoms 3. If you go to the Gallery website you can see more of her quilts as well as photos from the opening she attended.

Click here to The City Quilter Gallery

Click here to my page devoted to the Red and White Exhibit

Click here to listen to my May 2, 2011 interview with Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosies Quilt Patterns … we talked about the NYC trip

Click here to a red and white quilt pattern to download here at All People Quilt!

Click here to the Empire Quilt Guild

American Patchwork Radio Show host – Pat Sloan

On the Radio with Pat

Hi this is Pat Sloan the Host of American Patchwork & Quilting Radio! I’m excited to be blogging about the radio show and things that ‘didn’t make it on air’. My guests have such incredible knowledge and so many great things to share.. that we can’t always fit it all in!  Plus we reference things here at and I want to give you the links.

On July 4th I talked with Sherri Falls and we discussed this bag of her that has the oval bottom, I love it! Don’t you think it would make a super project bag? What fabric would you make it in? And she gave us tips for working with Rick Rack CLICK HERE for the pattern

And on that same show I chatted with Vanessa Wilson of Crafty Gemini. CLICK HERE to the article in the NY Times about her and her win of the Youtube Next Up contest… isn’t it fantastic a QUILTER made it in… Vanessa ROCKS and so does quilting! The project you see is in her video and it was one she taught her ‘non sewing team’ at the Youtube training she went to CLICK HERE to her blog

July 11  I talked with Joen Wolfram who is a master at color.  She mentioned that she is starting a color series on her blog.. the first color is one that is a favorite of quilters.. BLUE! CLICK HERE

Then Pam Buda and I chatted about Make-Dos, her SECRET method to prepare fabric AND her antique quilts. CLICK HERE to the one above!

Finally Amanda Herring and I dished on quilting, designing fabric, and her fabulous crafty projects.  Listen to the show to find out why she started quilting and show she made 17.. yes 17 quilts in her first 3 months of quilting! You know her skills are rock solid after that! CLICK HERE to her blog for lots of fun.. (ps – the pattern for the hats tells you how to make them into pincushions too.. ADORABLE!)

CLICK HERE to hear all the shows ….  they are ALL recorded! You can subscribe to itunes, listen on your computer/ipad or download to your player like an MP3. Listen to the shows anytime you like (how about while quilting?)

CLICK HERE to hang out with me everyday at my regular blog

See you here every week.. maybe twice if I’m feeling chatty!

ps…. who would YOU Like to hear on the radio show?

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