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Special Sampler Block: Pillowcase Palooza!

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To most of us a pillowcase may not be a big deal. It’s something we barely notice as we lay down to sleep each night. But for some, they can be a great source of comfort and joy during a time of stress and uncertainty. Whether it’s a piece of home in a sterile hospital room, a little return to normalcy for those in homeless shelters or women’s shelters, or just a reminder that someone else in the world cares, a pillowcase can make a huge difference in your community.


We started our One Million Pillowcase Challenge in 2010, and in just a few years quilters and sewers all over the world have donated more than 689,000 pillowcases to those in need! That’s 689,000 smiles and sighs of relief! We’ve heard countless stories of how this Challenge has changed lives in communities across the country, as well as given many quilters a community to share a great cause with. This special block for The Splendid Sampler celebrates those quilters and aims to spread awareness about this cause!


Thanks to everyone who has donated pillowcases over the years! No matter how big or small your donation is it really does make a huge difference in another person’s life!


Want to help? Check out the links and information below!


Learn more about the One Million Pillowcase Challenge.

Find a list of suggested charities.

Find shops in your area that collect pillowcases.

Get free patterns.

Add your pillowcases to our count!

One Response to “Special Sampler Block: Pillowcase Palooza!”

  1. I so love this project. It’s been my passion since 2012. My count is now 1338. And I sew on!