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50 Block Celebration Tour: The Splendid Sampler

Can you believe we’re halfway done with The Splendid Sampler? We’ve made 50 beautiful blocks! That’s more than five months of learning new techniques, meeting new designers, and sharing our projects with others. And I’m having a blast doing it! Seeing all my blocks laid out together brings me so much happiness (and I have to admit, I’m a little proud, too.) I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with the schedule, but every time a new block comes out, I read the designer’s story and feel so inspired to start sewing. (We were block 16! Did you make ours? See the block + a special project using it here.)



We’re doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching the 50th block! Three lucky readers will win a free pattern from our online store APQShop.com. Comment on this blog by August 6 and tell us how many of The Splendid Sampler blocks you’ve finished. Also include “#giveaway” to be eligible to win.


*No purchase necessary to enter or win. Subject to Official Rules here. The Splendid Sampler Giveaway begins at 8:00 a.m. C.T. on 08/03/16 and ends at 11:59 p.m. C.T. on 08/05/16. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, and the District of Columbia, 18 years or older. Limit one (1) entry per person using only one (1) email address. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Meredith Corporation.


Follow Along On the 50 Block Celebration Tour

Aug 3
* Cheryl Arkison 
* Pat Sloan 
* Christa Watson 
* Kim Niedzwiecki 
* Lindsay Mayland (that’s us!)
* Amy Ellis 
* Lynn Harris
* Geta Grama 
* Katja Marek 
* Kari Carr 
* Alyssa Thomas

Aug 4 – Joanna Figueroa is Block 50

Aug 5
* Melissa Corry 
* Joan Ford 
* Kathy Schmitz 
* Michele Foster 
* Sara Lawson 
* Lynette Anderson 
* Jacquelynne Steves

* April Rosenthal

* Laura Flynn 

* Amy Smart

Aug 6
* Charise Randell 
* Celine Perkins 
* Gail Pan
* Sherri McConnell 
* Sarah J Maxwell 
* Jane Davidson 
* Janet Clare 
* Pat Wys 
* Di Mill 
* Jennifer Reynolds 
* Anne Sutton



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We can’t wait to see your blocks! Our editor Lindsay Mayland will be blogging regularly and posting pictures on her Instagram, so make sure you follow her at @lindsmayland and us at @allpeoplequilt to see her progress!

–Lindsay Mayland + American Patchwork & Quilting

302 Responses to “50 Block Celebration Tour: The Splendid Sampler”

  1. Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep up and have completed 49 blocks to date. I am so excited for block 50 tomorrow! This journey has been such a gift and I thank Pat & Jane, and all the designers who contributed. #giveaway

  2. I did do your block and I loved it. I have completed 36 blocks and I have two that are in process right now. Thanks for all the fun and the giveaway! #giveaway

  3. #giveaway
    I have done all of the standard blocks plus 80% of the bonus blocks and having a wonderful time making them fit my Moose Muse theme with memories from the past. Thanks for your support!

  4. I have made all 49 blocks plus all the bonus ones including all 3 paper pieced butterflies from the bonus machine pad pattern. I will cut out today’s bonus block and make it on Saturday along with tomorrow’s #50 block. I am using 30′s fabrics, Moda bread and butter line and vintage picnic line. I am really enjoying this journey. Thanks so much.

  5. I haven’t made mine yet but have them all saved in a book to work on when school resumes & I don’t have a million interruptions

  6. I usually get behind and then put aside projects like this never to finish. But I am having so much fun I stalk the website and make most of my blocks the day they are released. I have made all but one and most of the bonuses .

  7. I am up to date with my splendid blocks plus I’ve done most of the bonus blocks. I have sashed them as I finish them. I’m proud of myself fo trying each new technique!
    I would love to win the giveaway!

  8. I have made all the blocks, bonus blocks plus a few more. My current total is 67.

  9. I am making three Splendid Samplers. “It’s only a little 6 1.2″ square.” I thought. “Why not use up some of your stash and make just 3 little 6 1’2″ blocks? NO biggy, right?” Well, someone shoot me if I every say that again! LOL!!!! I have managed to keep up and have also done all the bonus blocks in my Civil War fabrics, 30s fabrics and red//white/black fabrics. Actually, I have just one to do. I traced and prepared my three blocks for the embroidery #20 Nature’s Walk and then misplaced them. While cleaning out my Quilting Lair last night I finally unearthed the errant blocks. And so…I will be REALLY all up to date when I get these three done. #giveaway

  10. I just caught up with all the blocks and finished number 49 yesterday. My goal was to catch up before the 50th block and I’m so proud I did it.

  11. All up to date doing 2 sets in different colors. New to paper piecing and love it.

  12. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I’ve completed 36 blocks and a few bonus blocks. I started late but plan to catch up on all that I’ve missed. I’ve learned so much by making these blocks — embroidery, appliqué, hexies. I’ve revived skills that I haven’t practiced in years I love the anticipation of the new block reveals and will surely experience a letdown when The Splendid Sampler ends. Thanks to all of the designers, and a special thanks to Pat and Jane for their time and effort to bring us this wonderful project.

  13. I have 44 of the blocks at least started! I need to do the satin stitching on several of my applique blocks. I will be traveling for a week or so, but hope to get caught up when I get home.

  14. I have completed 21 blocks including No. 16, Pieces of Friendship. #giveaway

  15. #giveaway. I’ve completed 45 blocks. I love piecing and applique.

  16. I have 32 finished. Hopefully I will get caught up soon! Thanks!

  17. Oops! Just got back from a long vacation and am a little behind. I have 42 blocks done. Thank you for block16. It was lovely

  18. I have made 35 blocks plus some of the bonus blocks. I have all the templates traced for the applique blocks and the embroidery pattern traced. I have been enjoying the blocks and have learned so much. I used to think that a 2 1/2 inch piece of fabric was small, now I look at it and think, “wow, that is big”

  19. I’ve completed most of the blocks and I have learned SO much. Before the splendid sampler I have never paper pieced, english paper pieced, did applique or even stitch and flip. Now I can do it all. I’m also working on doing everything by machine. Most of the first 50 blocks are hand pieced. so i’m growing as a quilter by leaps and bounds. Thanks so much to all of the designers for their beautiful and fun blocks.

  20. #Giveaway I am on # 42 block of Splendid Sampler. When I put all the blocks together they are fascinating. I love yours and your color choices. I predict this quilt will go down in history for quilters to make for hundreds of years, like the Dear Jane.

  21. I’ve completed 37 plus 3 bonus blocks. SS is the best way to gain new skills and meet great people! #giveaway

  22. #giveaway

    Started late, so only a about 10 blocks done. Love the block design and all of the challanges!

  23. #giveaway
    I am all caught up and so happy!

  24. I have done 48 blocks and all the bonus blocks except two butterflies. Thanks to all and I enjoy this project.

  25. I have 38 blocks done. #giveaway

  26. #giveaway
    I have 47 blocks completed and the last two embroidery blocks “under construction”. I am really slow at hand embroidery. Totally loving this journey. Thanks to all the great designers!

  27. Yes I am caught up. Working on the last block. Some blocks I’ve adapted to my quilting and embroidery level. I did your block and enjoyed it. Thank you for the pattern. I have been doing mine in teal, black and white with a touch of gray.

  28. I have made all 49 blocks thus far and some of the bonus blocks. Will work on today’s bonus block this evening.

  29. # giveaway I have made 49 blocks so far and with the over the mountain it will be 50. I have had a lot of fun creating and choosing fabrics. Every block is a new adventure and even perhaps a new technique.

  30. I am at 48 + 8 bonus on print version, fused and machine appliqued and embroidery machine stitched; and the batik version at 47 + 7 bonus hand appliqued and embroidery.

  31. #giveaway
    I have finished 48 blocks. #49 is on hold until I get a baby quilt finished for my niece who is due August 18th! I usually drop everything to complete the latest block, but not this time!

  32. 23 blocks completed so far. The journey is fun and rewarding. Thanks!

  33. I have 48 plus 8 bonus blocks in prints version, fused and machine stitched or embroidered. In batik version I’m at 47 and 7 bonus, hand applique and or embroidery.

  34. I have finished 48 blocks. #49 is on hold until I get a baby quilt finished for my niece who is due August 18th! I usually drop everything to complete the latest block, but not this time!

  35. I am loving the blocks. It is refreshing to do the blocks when you need a break from a big quilt project.

  36. So you are the one with these lovely fabrics, I have some of the same for my Westering Women BOM and am really falling in love with the subtle coloring.
    I like how earthy your block are. (your Balls in the Air is gorgeous)

  37. I started late in the event-around 1st of July. I have about 30 completed and am working forwards and backwards to get caught up. Many new techniques that are VERY exciting to learn.

  38. I’m keeping up. Just have to do handwork on 48 and 49. giveaway

  39. Currently accomplished only 3 blocks with several more cut and ready to sew. That said, making those final fabric decisions for a specific block often takes me more time than the actual sewing.

  40. #giveaway

    I have only done 8 blocks.

  41. thanks for being one of our Splendid Designers! Have a bunch finished, and some waiting for me to have play time. this is great fun! All the blocks and all the fabrics are wonderful!

  42. I’ve completed 42 regular blocks and 9 bonus blocks. SO FUN! #giveaway.

  43. I started out with a flourish and finished each the first 25 on then day they were released. The, life happened. I have the fabric, the patterns, and the good intentions to finish this task. . . someday. I love collecting each new project and reading the designers stories. #giveaway

  44. I have 7 blocks finished and approx. 5 others

  45. When I saw all your blocks laid together they reminded me of a Dear Jane quilt, which I’ve not done yet either. I’ve only made about half a dozen blocks so far but I like the Dear Jane look so I’m inspired to get going.

  46. I have 35 blocks done. As sometimes happens life gets in the way but I will get caught up hopefully soon.

  47. 49! #giveaway

  48. I am currently on block 47 of my Splendid Sampler. A little behind, but not too bad. Thanks so much for being part of this project! I will always treasure my Splendid Sampler… I’ve learnt so much!

  49. I have completed all the blocks except for 2. I finished your block #16 & I made the mini quilt!! I love it. it hangs on my fireplace mantle so I see it every day. this project is a blast!

  50. Can’t believe it, but, I have all 49 released blocks finished. Feels so good. Hope I can do all the next 50 blocks plus more bonus blocks.

  51. I’ve only finished 10 blocks to this point, but will catch up before the end! Love seeing all the designer blocks and then individual interpretations. What a talented group of people! Loving this project including the giveaways! Thank you!!!

  52. The Splendid Sampler has been a really inspiring project with quilters all over the globe participating, some for the very first time. What an undertaking. I have completed 40 blocks to date. i am taking my time, not rushing, no pressure, no stress to keep up. I am enjoying the process along the way. #giveaway

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  53. #giveaway I am in process on three blocks and have two more to finish so technically I’m on 50 hoping to catch up this week!

  54. #giveaway

    I just found out about this, so I haven’t started yet, but will be soon, now that I know about it! What a gorgeous sampler quilt!

  55. I have 41 blocks done. The applique slows me down but I will get them done.#giveaway

  56. Thank you for the great giveaway! I am very busy collecting these blocks for many future quilt projects.

  57. I have completed 42 blocks including yours, a lot by hand as all of my sewing equipment bar a few essentials is in storage. I started the splendid sampler to kill time whilst our house being built in Wales. We are currently out of house and home having sold in December. Being a “splenderette” has kept me sane easing the stress being homeless has caused. I even completed 5 blocks whilst staying in San Diego with daughter recently as I didn’t want to get too far behind! I am well and truly hooked.

  58. I just finished 49 so I am all caught up. It has been a journey of learning for me.

  59. i have only made 2 so far but have collected all the patterns and can’t wait to get to them. #giveaway

  60. have to admit that I have not made any of the blocks yet. But, will be starting soon and hope to catch up. #giveaway

  61. I caught up last Sunday. So proud of myself.

  62. I have completed two blocks! I have all the patterns with the pieces cut out waiting neatly in a notebook!

  63. I have completed two blocks! I have all the patterns with the pieces cut out waiting neatly in a notebook! #giveaway

  64. #giveaway, I’ve enjoyed the process at my own pace~ I have completed 19 blocks and am truly in love with each one I’ve completed.

  65. I’ve finished 19 blocks, very slow going because of new techniques. “#giveaway”

  66. I HAVE 49 DONE , I just caught up yesterday. What a fun adventure

  67. I have only made 19 blocks it’s slow going so many new techniques… “#giveaway”

  68. I have finished all 49 blocks. Not perfectly but finished is better than perfect. #giveaway

  69. 45 #giveaway


  70. I’ve probably made 30 blocks so far. The Splendid Sampler has taught me so much about quilting and the members of this quilting group are a great group of people for sharing all their tips and expertise. #giveaway

  71. I cannot believe we are at the half-way mark already! I have learned so much and had so much fun. So far 42 of my red, white and black blocks are completed, plus a handful of the bonus blocks. It is the embroidery and applique blocks which I seem to have trouble finishing – they take me longer and then a new block comes out. I am like a magpie with attention deficit – oh look, a new block! #giveaway

  72. around 40 blocks. I couple to finish before bed tonight!!!!

  73. #giveaway I have finished 34 SS blocks and 7 bonus blocks. Sew much fun and a grand learning experience. Because of stiff joints I have only attempted the more simple embroidery blocks, but I have learned paper piecing and sewing a curve. I loved your Pieces of Friendship block and saved the pattern for the mini quilt.

  74. I’ve made about 25 of the Splendid blocks.

  75. about 40. A couple to finish today. I will before bed!!!!

  76. I have finished 48 blocks. Can’t wait to see what us in store for the next 51!!
    Thank you for your design inspiration!

  77. Woefully behind as I must confess I have none done and not even sure I have them all. Catch-up is my world. #giveaway

  78. #giveaway
    I have made 56 blocks and bonus blocks and have added sashing in between the blocks. This helps me to see the bigger picture and inspires me to keep going!
    I love the challenge of sewing the blocks I would have never tried otherwise!!! A big thank you to all the creators!

  79. I have cut your block but only done 3 so far. I was a late starter.

  80. # giveaway
    I have been with you since the beginning but slow to start piecing. I have 5 cut out but none finished yet. I have been finishing other projects to make space for this one.

  81. Enjoying this journey of different methods. Thank you

  82. Having so much fun using my batik stash in making the Splendid Sampler 100 blocks! Looking forward to the next 50, WOO HOO!!!


  83. I’ve been able to finish about 35 of the blocks, but I always print the pattern and pull my fabric every time a new Block comes out. That way, I can stitch them up when I have time!

  84. #giveaway

    I haven’t been able to stitch any of the amazing blocks. I am hoping to get stitching once my new sewing room is completed.


  85. I have 42 blocks finished and a few more in progress. #giveaway
    I’m loving the journey.

  86. I have a huge project going on a work and have been trying to get quilts ready for my guild show so I have been only collecting so far. I’m looking forward to some down time at the end of September so hope to get rolling then.

  87. # giveaway I have 2 done and 6 cut to sew.

  88. None, actually, as have been working on UFO’s and some pattern testing for someone, but I’m working at pulling fabrics now. :-)

  89. I’ve made about six of the blocks! Love them all #giveaway

  90. I have finished …wait for it…The Earth Day bonus block. I have them all printed and will select my next challenge after 50 is posted. #giveaway :)

  91. I am up to date except block 44 with all of that embroidery. It is challenging me, but it will be conquered eventually! This has been a blast and it has stretched me to do things I would not choose to do. I am a better quilter for it! Thank you for being part of the journey!

  92. I forgot #giveaway! Old people are not used to the hashtag thing! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  93. I have made 38 blocks and 4 bonus blocks… So much fun, can’t wait for the next 50!

  94. #giveaway I’m behind on making the blocks, but have all the instructions as they are released. I have 20 done and several partially done. Will definitely do all of them.

  95. I have finished…wait for it…The Earth Day bonus block. I have them all printed out and will choose my next challenge after 50 is posted :)

  96. I have only made 3 blocks so far. Life gets in the way but I love the blocks and I am so excited to see the new one each time. #giveaway

  97. I have made 3 blocks. But look at each one when they come out. #giveaway

  98. #giveaway
    I have 30 blocks done, 15 per colorway. Plan on starting a xmas themed colorway also, have not done yourblock yet, it happens to be the next one on my cutting board! LOL

  99. I’m done with about 30, including a couple bonus blocks. With a couple in process. I did your block, one of my first ones! #giveaway

  100. Thank you for showing all 50 blocks. I am eight behind as I started late and am finding it hard to catch up as some of the blocks are quite time consuming and of course being a quilter I am multitasking.

    I hope soon that Pat posts some ideas for setting them. I have done most on point and am thinking perhaps each should be framed then sewn together.

  101. #giveaway
    Yes I made your block and loved it. I’ve made 48 so far. Excited to be at the half way point! Thanks for your blog, too. Love your colors!

  102. I’ve made 35 blocks. #giveaway

  103. #giveaway
    Blocks one though 25 completed. I made Block 16 and loved it! Thanks!

  104. Thank posting all fifty blocks. I am eight behind as I started late and with other projects on the go it is hard to catch up. I hope ideas for setting them are posted soon. I have done them on point and think perhaps

  105. I’ve completed 44 blocks so far, also a few bonus blocks, the rest are in progress. Thanks for all you do, enjoyed your block, so pretty! #giveaway

  106. Sadly, I haven’t completed any blocks. However, it is still on my list of projects. Thanks.

  107. After the “Meet in the Middle” event and seeing all the wonderful collections of blocks, I downloaded all of the patterns and picked out the hand embroidered ones that I want to do. I have about a quarter of one block finished. I just started this journey on the Milestone day! Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway. The sewing machine quilt is right up my alley. I restore\service Vintage machines!

  108. I have been lucky enough to have to time to keep up – I have made all the blocks so far and most of the bonus blocks. Looking forward to the next 50 blocks – this is such a fun, learning experience and I love seeing what everyone else has made and making new friends online – thanks for being part of this journey!

  109. #giveaway
    I’ve made about 37 of the designs, plus several of the bonus blocks. I made your block and just made it again last night for a different project. It will be a good one to use in a stash busting project!

  110. #Give Away – I’ve kept current with all of the SS blocks and the bonus blocks and a few additional blocks from various participants blogs and MODA. I am getting anxious to start to assemble this quilt. Congratulations on your contribution to this “Splendid” sew along project. Loved your block and the quilt it can grow into!

  111. I have got to get back into quilting!! I’ve been knitting and have had a wrist injury so have not done much sewing. I am getting psyched to get going again though. I have loved beautiful fabric since I was very young. I used to play fabric shop (when I was supposed to be going to sleep) with the double wedding ring quilt my Nana had made and was on my bed.

  112. I have downloaded all of the blocks, plus the bonus blocks and extras, but unfortunately have not yet been able to do any of the blocks, due to my etsy shop and home sewing business being very busy right now. I would love to try the aurifil thread as I don’t think I’ve ever tried it before!

  113. I have completed 37 blocks but what I have learned and been inspired to imagine is so much more than all the blocks themselves!! Thank you for all you do for us and this journey !! #giveaway would be honored!

  114. 49 Blocks completed to date.

  115. Hi I am a beginner quilter I love this group…besides the wonderful designs and techniques the support you get from your followers! Great group!! I have finished 45 out of 49 and anticipate Thursdays and Sundays!! # giveaway

  116. I started in mid-June and have completed all 49 blocks plus a bonus block. Now that I’m caught up with sampler blocks, I am working to catch up with the bonus blocks. One of my goals is to learn how to make good fabric and color choices from my stash, and I am slowly learning. I decided at the beginning not to re-do a block because of poor fabric or color selection, but to keep it so that I can see (at least I hope I will see!) my progress. Love this whole project!

  117. I’m at 8 2/3 blocks done! #giveaway

  118. #giveaway
    I have completed to block 42, plus the bonus blocks – will catch up once summer is over.

  119. “#giveaway”
    He terminado 30 bloques. Después de vacaciones retomaré la costura.
    Un saludo.

  120. I’ve made 48 of the 49 SS blocks to date. Some of the embroidery blocks, however, I’ve made my own by using colored pencils since I don’t do handwork.I’ve also done most of the bonus block but I haven’t done the Top of the Hill block yet. “giveaway.

  121. I have 40 blocks done. Some take a little longer but I am having so much fun working on all of them! #giveaway

  122. I have made 45 0f the blocks and 4 of the bonus blocks! A couple have been a real challenge for me, but I am learning lots of new ideas and techniques!#giveaway

  123. I’ve made about 40 of the 50 and added in several of my own. I love it! #giveaway

  124. I’ve been saving the blocks as they come out and enjoy reading about the designers and seeing what’s been done. But I’ve been finishing up two other projects and haven’t started on my Splendid Sampler yet! So I am woefully behind. #giveaway

  125. #giveaway
    I haven’t completed any of the blocks yet…lol…but gave got the patterns printed with the intent to do them as soon as I finish the other projects I have on going.

  126. I’ve been saving the blocks as they come out and enjoy reading the designer’s blogs but haven’t actually started my Splendid Sampler yet. Woefully behind!

  127. I think I have just over 50. Block 49 needs some embellishments which I want to do tonight. Then I have 2 hexies and pencils to be caught up. I’ve done several of the bonus blocks and am itching to start the bonus from today. My plan is to lay out all my blocks over the weekend for the 1st time and take a picture.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a little something. I’ve already learned so much from you and the other designers.

  128. Hi – I have completed all 49 blocks so far and a few of the bonus projects – loving this journey – thank you so much for your participation.

  129. I’ve actually finished 46 and have some work done on 2 of the 3 I’m behind on. This is WAY better than I expected I’d do in the beginning :) #giveaway

  130. #giveaway. I haven’t started my blocks yet as I discovered The Splendid Sampler late, but are collecting the patterns and will start when I have a break in current stitching commitments. Can’t wait to catch up.

  131. I am not a slacker, really I’m not. However I have only completed 8 blocks for far of the Splendid Sampler… #giveaway

  132. #Giveaway
    :( I need to wait for winter when things slow down.
    :) cant wait for winter. getting lots of ideas by seeing others made blocks
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  133. I’ve got 29 done, all printed, and all fabric pulled-goung scrappy as I print each block.

  134. I have done 49 blocks plus some bonus blocks. Some I will redo as I have learned a great deal and want

  135. I have only gotten 5 blocks done. Hope to get more done soon. #giveaway.

  136. Sadly I haven’t started the blocks yet. I’m so behind! I have everything saved and printed and have fabric. I just have to find the time… #giveaway

  137. I’m caught up with the 49 blocks and I’ve made most (all?) of the bonus blocks. Loving it!

  138. I am enjoying this sew along.

  139. #giveaway
    I have 51 completed blocks, but that includes some bonuses, duplicates and designs I added for the fun of it. I haven’t done 11 of the official blocks, mostly those that are all, or mostly, embroidery.

  140. I have completed 50 blocks which include most of the bonus blocks so I have not finished all of the regular blocks. #giveaway

  141. I was up to block 39 with 4 bonus blocks done also. I had surgery and am unabe to sew for awhile. I’m saving the blocks to get caught up once I can sew again.

  142. Hi! I happily completed all 49 SS and the bonus blocks, which of course includes your block too! Loved doing this challenge, learning along the way and admiring the talent of designers and participants alike!

  143. #giveaway

    To be honest I have not started sewing any of my blocks, just recently got my fabric that I want to use. I have been printing off all the patterns and have them in a three ring binder on my computer desk.

  144. # giveaway

    I have all the patterns printed in a three ring binder on my desk to keep them organized, I have not started sewing any of the blocks yet. I am anxious to try several new things from the patterns.

  145. Love belonging to this group of all different levels of expertise. Everyone is so welcoming.

  146. 10-12 done…others in various stages of done. #giveaway

  147. I have completed 22 blocks. I have plans to finish! #giveaway

  148. I’ve done almost all of them, twice. #giveaway

  149. I am right about 40 blocks, a bit behind, but not too worried about it. When I have a chance to sit down and work on blocks I will get caught up. Love all the blocks and different techniques and such. I’ve done the bonus blocks along the way too.
    Thank you for participating.

  150. I’ve made 43 blocks so far. learning so many different things, and different way to do things. Love the journey so far #giveaway

  151. I am in awe of those who have made most of the blocks. I have not completed any to date. The blocks are on my to-do list but so far no progress. At this point, I am not even sure how to get started. #giveaway

  152. I have done 48 blocks triing to finish tonight # giveaway

  153. I have finished 48 blocks. Please enter me in your #giveaway.

  154. I have three blocks completed. I didn’t like color that I originally chose and went back to my favorite fabric – French General. #giveaway

  155. I’ve only made one block but have all the patterns in a binder. I keep rechoosing fabric but I have also been working on other quilts. #giveaway

  156. I am happy to say that I am right on schedule. There were times that I did do catch up. I am able to mostly keep up because I don’t have any other big projects going on now.Really enjoying all the blocks and new techniques.

  157. “# giveaway” – I have 39 completed; 10 missing the embroidery but in process. Also completed 8 bonus blocks.

  158. #giveaway
    I have been able to keep up, so looking forward to block 50. Excited about the half way point and the party.

  159. “#giveaway”
    I have completed 25 blocks, not necessarily in order and am loving the challange and growth!

  160. So far, I’ve completed 25 of the sampler blocks plus 3 bonus blocks. I got a very late start and then got delayed by life events.

  161. #giveaway
    I’ve done 32 blocks. I love them all.

  162. I caught up on all of my blocks yesterday, enjoying all the different techniques especially the embroidered ones. #giveaway

  163. I haven’t gotten any sewn so far – I have selected fabric from my stash to use and cut a couple out so far. I hope to make some progress during a couple of vacation weeks coming up. I am excited to try the various techniques.

  164. I have completed 24 blocks. A little behind but not so much that it is out of reach. #giveaway

  165. 31 blocks done! #giveaway

  166. I’ve only gotten through 6, though I’ve been reading the stories and downloading and printing and they are planned in my head. I need to start cutting them out so they are ready when I have a few minutes here and there and embroidery can sit by the couch for when I’m watching tv. I’m really loving them and I can’t wait to catch up and see bunches of them made by me. #giveaway

  167. I have made all the regular blocks, but not all the bonus blocks. I am learning a lot and having so much fun. Thanks to all the designers!

  168. I’ve completed 16 blocks and made a few kits. A few of the hand sewn ones are in progress as well. #giveaway

  169. I’ve completed 41 blocks so far…I hope to get one more done tonight! #giveaway

  170. I am slightly behind, because we are at our cottage, and have internet but no printer. Every time I head home to work or do laundry, I sneak home and print off the blocks I’ve missed.

  171. #giveaway I’ve done 43 blocks and 6 bonus blocks – so 49 total! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  172. I have completed 41 blocks.

  173. Completed 53 blocks to date.

  174. Working on my last three, plus the Top of the Hill, which is all ready to stitch tomorrow. Also did all but one of the bonus blocks and made a small wall quilt from Pat Sloan’s modified Log cabin design.

  175. I have 47 completed, colours picked out for the others. I will get caught back up when I get a day off. Working 12 hour shifts does not leave much time to sew.

  176. I haven’t made any of the blocks yet. I hope to start later this year.

  177. Woe is me! None so far. I have been downloading blocks so I’ll be ready when I am more able. Hand surgery has derailed measuring and cutting activities but physical therapy will get me back in the game eventually. #giveaway

  178. #giveaway I have completed 46 blocks.

  179. I’ve finished 38.

  180. I have 30 blocks done (including your #16!) So much fun! #giveaway

  181. I’ve completed the first 48 blocks and will have 49 and 50 completed before 51 is out…Have been able to keep up with in a few days…

  182. I have made 49 blocks! :) #giveaway

  183. #giveaway I’ve done 6 blocks but my machine was in recovery. Glad to have it in good working order again.

  184. I have only made 9 blocks so far.

  185. Finished? 1
    Started? Too many to count!

  186. 18 blocks are completed and 5 are in progress. I have all the patterns to date printed and waiting for more time to get caught up!

  187. I have completed 20 blocks. #giveaway

  188. I have finished 28 blocks and cannot wait to have time to work on them again! “#giveaway”

  189. I’ve made 40..the garden an yard are taking my sewing time.,.I’ll catch up!

  190. This has been such a fun journey. What a wonderful community of quilters!! Thank you to all of the designers for sharing your amazing talents. I am at 43 or so blocks. I will be playing catch up for a week or two.

  191. I’ve completed 39 blocks so far, with 5 in the works (still need enbroidery).

  192. I have been downloading each block and have some blocks printed out and fabric selected. Time is very short for sewing right now and I hope to be able to start really soon.

  193. I am collecting them, but haven’t done them yet. #giveaway

  194. I am on block 30, having a blast! #giveaway

  195. I’m planning on using some of the blocks on pouches for Christmas gifts but I haven’t actually made any of the blocks yet. I’ve got time!

  196. I was introduced to the splendid sampler 6 weeks ago and I have 23 blocks completed. I’m having a blast learning so many new techniques. #giveaway

  197. I did do your block I love the pieced blocks. I’m at 43 so not bad behind but I just had double carpal tunnel surgery this week so will get further behind while I recuperate. Thanks for all of the designers

  198. Almost completed one and several others are cut out and ready to be sewn. I started late and am really enjoying seeing what others are doing. Thanks to you and all the other designers and huge kudos to Pat and Jane. #giveaway

  199. I’ve completed about 28 blocks with another 10 or so in progress (mostly applique that’s been fused but not stitched… and maybe some embroidery). Was hoping to catch up by block 50… maybe it will happen by 75! :-)

  200. #giveaway

    One of my very favourite websites is APQ!

    I’ve not completed any of the SS blocks. I have them all saved in a special folder on my computer, including all of the bonus blocks.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    B from Canada

  201. #giveaway

    Hope this comment goes through this time.

    I’ve not completed any of the SS blocks, but have them all saved in a folder on my computer, including all the bonus blocks.

    Love the APQ site, have for years.

    B from Canada

  202. I made 1 block, but shipped it off to be included in a quilt for a friend of a participant who was battling cancer. She has since been declared cancer free. I will start my own blocks eventually, but life is a bit too complicated at the moment.

  203. 53 complete and 3 more on the go. Am lucky to have the time which allows me to keep up – and I’m having so much fun, leaning and improving all the time.

  204. I just joined all the fun and I have 3 blocks done. Yay!

  205. #giveaway. I’ve completed 17 blocks. I was doing great until my sewing machine broke and i had to take it to the shop
    I havent really gotten motivated since. I read the blogs and download the blocks but im not sewing much. Course it could also be the gorgeous Colorado weather and being with my grandkids lol. Thanks for being part of this and sharing your talent. I enjoyed doi g your block.

  206. I’ve not made any blocks, but Om collecting all of them. Looking forward to doing them and working through all the techniques.

  207. I haven’t made any yet. I do have all the block patterns so far. Trying to decide on color scheme.

  208. I’m stuck on Block 42 for now. Finishing up a couple of other projects, and waiting for less painful hands to finish embroidery on some. :) I’m still enjoying it, though! #giveaway

  209. I’ve made 21 blocks, have 4 prepped and all the patterns printed. I am enjoying using fabric color choices out of my comfort zone. Thank you to Pat, Jane and all the designers. #giveaway

  210. #giveaway 40 blocks including 2 bonus blocks

  211. I’ve made 35 + bonus blocks

  212. #giveaway
    I have finished 44 blocks and I love every one of them.

  213. I have completed 40 blocks so far

  214. I have done all the official block so far (49) + 5 extra block! This is such a fun and great experience! Thank you! #giveaway

  215. I have been unable to do any yet, due to working overtime – so sad
    But I am saving every post

  216. I have made 33 plus two bonus blocks and have five more ready to stitch. What a great time this is!

  217. I have made 32 blocks plus two bonus blocks and have five more ready to stitch.

  218. I haven’t been able to make any of the blocks but have collected them all. I like to see what great ideas they have!

  219. I am anxiously awaiting block 50 because I am up to date!!!!!!! I love watching Alyssa Thomas periscope for added inspiration. #giveaway

  220. #giveaway I’ve only finished a dozen or so. I was sidetracked by our summer quilt show. Now that’s behind me, I can get back to them. 50 sounds daunting, but most go together fairly easy. It takes longer for me to choose fabrics. I’m using all scraps with a botanical theme.

  221. I have completed 44, 3 embroidery blocks ready to do, working on Balls in the Air now, and the mini hexie one I haven’t started. Also have done 4 of the bonus blocks.

  222. I’ve completed 61 blocks so far that’s including most of the bonus blocks

  223. I’ve completed 61 blocks so far, that’s including most of the bonus blocks. #giveaway

  224. I’ve made at least 20 of them virtually in my head. But unfortunately I haven’t actually made any of them. I’ve downloaded them all.

  225. Thank you for all of your contributions to our Splendid Sampler experience! I have completed 26.5 blocks to date (still working out some embroidery).

  226. Honestly….I copy the patterns but haven’t made any. I am waiting until I am no longer babysitting my grandchildren over the summer and I am off to a 4 day retreat where I can concentrate on doing some catch up. Sad , but that’s life. I love my grands.

  227. I have completed 22 blocks. Great techniques, a learning and fun experience for me!
    Enjoyed exploring your blog, thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  228. Thank you for the great #giveaway !
    In between making 9 quilts (2 are quilted, remaining 6 waiting to be quilted) for grandchildren for Christmas and a couple row by rows I have unfortunately only done 6 blocks. I have all the blocked saved and printed out in a folder with the fabric to do them. Just waiting on me to get to them.

  229. I have 7 blocks made. I really love your block and the colors & fabric used. Thanks for your design.

  230. #giveaway

    I’ve finished 38 blocks plus 5 or 6 of the bonus blocks. I’m loving this journey. Have learned many new techniques and been reintroduced to embroidery. I really like the embroidery. Yes, it takes time but I like to have something to do with my hands in the evenings. Thanks so much to you all for giving your time to create these beautiful blocks.

  231. #giveaway Thanks! I’ve made 55 blocks. I’m keeping up right now, but will fall behind during my busy Aug. and Sept.

  232. I am falling behind now because of summer activities, but kept up well in the beginning. I hope I will catch up again because I am really enjoying this project. I did do your block, but somehow missed the bonus project which looks like something I could use. I always need another table topper and I love how this turned out! Thanks for sharing your time on this project!

  233. I have completed 34 blocks and catching up since I got my cast off. I broke my wrist in June and was limited in my sewing :( Thanks for being part of a great group and hosting a #giveaway !!

  234. #giveaway Thanks so much for the chance to win. I have 34 blocks done now that my cast is off my broken wrist. I will be caught up soon !!

  235. Struggling to post a comment here. Keep getting an error.

  236. I have completed 46 of the 50 blocks so far and am hoping to catch up at a quilting retreat this weekend. #giveaway

  237. I have completed 38! Pieced and appliqued blocks are the most fun, and I am saving paper piecing and embroidery for larger chunks of time.

  238. I think I’ve only made 3 of the blocks before “LIFE” happened. But I have all of them saved for when I’m able to get to them. Thanks for the time and talent you’ve shared on this project! #giveaway

  239. I have four that I plan to keep and two to do over. I am WAY behind! Pieced blocks are the most fun for me, but applique is a close second. Thanks for all your hard work!

  240. I have all the blocks saved for the day I have time to start them. Enjoyed looking and collecting them all.

  241. I have completed 29 blocks, have a couple others that just need some embroidery, another few that are partially pieced or have had the fabric cut out and also have three bonus blocks done. Phew! Thanks for the chance to win! #giveaway

  242. I have done all 49 so far.Woohoo! I’m not usually so caught up! #giveaway

  243. I’m not eligible to win your giveaway as I live in Canada but I wanted to leave a thank you note for participating as a designer for the Splendid Sampler. It’s been a wonderful journey for me — some rough spots but a valuable learning experience with such a great social community. At last count, I’d completed 22 blocks plus a few that need those final touches of embroidery. My journey continues…

  244. #giveaway
    I have completed 49 blocks to date. 08/04/16 Is the Top of the hill Block a bonus block or is is block 50? I love doing this project. I love selecting fabrics, and I love anticipation what is coming. Thank you all. I hope you are very successful.

  245. I am only on block 20__so I have done yours! Thank you!

  246. I have made about 47, I think. I will have to lay them out and count. The box I have collected them in is full!

  247. #giveaway
    No blocks yet. Am saving all instructions so I can do this project in the future. Love all the wonderful differences the designers bring to their blocks.

  248. I have made 48 of the blocks so far. Had to work to catch up a couple of times, but it’s been super fun!

  249. #giveaway
    I have downloaded all the blocks and have about 14 blocks done so far. Getting some projects half done completed before I go back to it. Not a big fan of all the embroidery blocks but they are part of the overall project.

  250. I’ve made 48 of the blocks and a number of the bonus blocks. Summer vacation is a great time for me to catch up!

  251. #giveaway
    I haven’t started yet! Eek! But I’ve been collecting all the blocks and watching Alyssa on Periscope (love it!). But, I do have my fabrics picked out and plan to start this week!

  252. This has been SO much fun, Yes, I need to catch up ! “Oh No” What will we do when this is over !

  253. I have completed 48 blocks, but there are a few I know I will want to go back and redo.

  254. Well, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve ALMOST finished my 1st block… However, I’m new to quilting and only just came across the Splendid Sampler last month, so I have a really good excuse!! ;) #giveaway

  255. #giveaway
    I think I have completed 36 of the blocks, but I am still trying to catch up. Enjoying them and thanks to all the designers.

  256. #giveaway. I’ve done about 45 of The Splendid Sampler blocks, mainly the pieced blocks.

  257. I’ve completed 49 1/2 blocks, as well as the bonus blocks. I look forward to Thursdays and Sundays! Having a great time with these blocks.

  258. I am very much tempted to start this quilt!

  259. Kim Waterbury-43. Loving the journey and paper piecing is the best

  260. #giveaway
    Loving the journey 43 done !!

  261. Was on track with completing my blocks but life happened and now I am getting back to them. Have finished 30 with some awaiting embroidery. Really like the variety but embroidery isn’t my first love!

  262. “#Giveaway” I have only made 30 blocks so far, I have 6 cut out, and all of the patterns printed out. I hope to get back on track when everyone starts school in a couple of weeks.

  263. #giveaway I have about 25 done – half way up the mountain – just beginning to see the moon! Late fall and winter are much better to sit inside and sew around here.

  264. I have 48. Didn’t do hexies yet

  265. I have 48. Didn’t do hexies yet.

  266. I have finished all but 2. Hexies are not done.

  267. I have been printing off all of the blocks so far so I am caught up. However, I am only good at piecing so those are the blocks being done. Still, with all the patterns and the bonus projects, I am keeping everything so I will have an awesome Collector’s Quilt for me to have forever. I admire all of the talented designers who are putting their hearts and souls into these creative patterns for us to enjoy and to make. Love the giveaways. We all want fabric, patterns and goodies. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  268. #giveaway I have done 35 of the blocks and hoping to get caught up soon !!

  269. In my head I am completely up to date – in reality I have a lot of catching up to do!

  270. #giveaway
    In my head I am completely up to date – In reality I have a lot of catching up to do!!

  271. #giveaway I have finished 49 blocks so far, loving it.

  272. I have finished 20 so far. #giveaway

  273. #giveaway, well so far I have completed 9 blocks, with this Sunday scheduled to get a few more completed. I am so enjoying the journey.

  274. I’m way behind! Lol, I have 2 completed. Just starting, so hopefully I will get caught up before too long.

  275. I forgot to add #giveaway. On my comment, so here is my official comment. :) I have made 2 blocks, starting late, but hoping to catch up!

  276. While I’ve chosen my fabrics and saved all of the block information, I confess I haven’t actually started to sew them yet. It feels like I’ve been busy sewing, but so much of it has gone to other good causes and not enough has really been selfish sewing.

  277. I have done only a few blocks, 23, but look forward to what comes next. # giveaway

  278. I have finished 35 blocks.

  279. I have finished 35, some of them are the bonus blocks.

  280. I am having so much seeing everyone’s personalization of the splendid sampler blocks. I have completed 5 blocks, with several prepped and ready to go. #giveaway

  281. I wish I could say I’ve sewn them all, but I can’t! Man, am I losing out! I’ve kept track of several favorites to sew up when I have more time. I love so many of them!

  282. #giveaway
    I have completed six blocks so far. Trying different color schemes.

  283. 45 blocks. It has been fun! #qiveaway

  284. I have completed 25 with 2 more prepped for stitching so far. Hopefully will have another 2 or 3 finished this weekend. #Giveaway

  285. I have 29 finished – or at least mostly. #giveaway

  286. I have downloaded all the blocks and cut out 5 of them. I am saving the sewing part for our trip to Galveston in August.

  287. I have completed 37 blocks plus a handful of bonus blocks. I can’t imagine what I will do with all of my time when this is over… Just kidding: quilt all the things!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us! And thank you for the #giveaway !

  288. I did do your block and enjoyed piecing it. So far I have completed 49 of the blocks. I’ve also done some, but not all, of the bonus blocks.

  289. I have 42 done and 4 queued up to be sewn. Loving the journey!

  290. Sadly, I have not made any blocks yet, but I do have every pattern downloaded and saved — lol! I think I have changed my mind about my color scheme each time a new block is released. Other BOMs and QALs have taken up my sewing time this year, but I have plans of getting started eventually. I have loved following all the designers and stitchers and cheering them on. #giveaway

  291. I have finished about 30-35 so far, but have quite a few cut and prepped to sew. Thank you so much for the #giveaway, but also I would like to thank you for your contribution to the splendid sampler…we are grateful for you to share your talents with all of us!

  292. #giveaway

    I have downloaded them all so far, just haven’t started.

  293. #giveaway I have some UFO’s to finish before I begin, but I love all of the techniques and designs.

  294. I have finished 22 blocks #giveaway

  295. #giveaway I have made 25 blocks. Got sidetracked by making a quilt for Orlando Pulse but will crank into high gear now that it is finished and get caught up!

  296. Hi Lindsey, thank you for your contribution to the Splendid Sampler! I am the collector of the patterns so far! I am also collecting ideas of color ways to do mine!

  297. I’m 14 behind….. not including the earth day block and the top of the hill block… I’m committed (or should be committed? LOL) to catching up! #giveaway (which could really inspire catching up…..

  298. I’ve completed 43 of the 50 blocks and 15 blocks which are made up of bonus and double up blocks loving the giveaway

  299. #giveaway Splendid Sampler
    Thanks for your contribution to SPlendid Sampler. I am feeling very privileged to be part of this journey. I am a new quilter and learning new techniques and some I have not succeeded in learning and that is ok. I am on a journey to be happy :)

  300. Hi Sandy! You’re one of our potential winners! Watch for our email.

  301. Hi Ginny! You’re one of our potential winners. Watch for our email with details.

  302. Hi Beth! You’re one of our potential prize winners. Watch for our email with details.