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A Flair for Fabric Blog Hop

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Fabric is essential to every quilter’s life! We buy it, we hoard it, and we spend a ton of time thinking about it. From the initial fabric choices of our quilt, to piecing, to adding the binding, fabric is so important — and can enhance your project (or make you shake your head at your design wall). And although we work with fabric all the time, sometimes it’s hard to know which colors and prints will make a beautiful quilt that you’re proud of! A Flair for Fabric: Creative Sewing Projects from the Designers at Henry Glass is an amazing resource for fun projects, as well as tips for mixing and matching fabrics with success.


Published by Martingale and compiled by designer Linda Lum DeBono, this book features 14 beautiful projects by Henry Glass designers. Each designer gives a peek at how they design fabric and provides several tips on choosing fabric and matching colors. Plus, six in-depth lessons throughout the book give greater insight on how to make your fabrics play with each other and solves some common problems with fabric choice. Here’s a look at a few of the projects from the book.


Starburst Maple Delight by Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday 

Funky Flowers by Heather Mulder Peterson 

Days Gone By by Little Quilts 


All royalties from this book are being donated to Red Cross.


Here’s tips for choosing fabric from the staff of American Patchwork & Quilting and Quilts and More magazines:


“I’ve been challenging myself to break my tried-and-true fabric selection habits — one large-scale print and three to five smaller scale prints that generally match the colors in the larger print. As part of the challenge, I’ve chosen solids as backgrounds that aren’t a color pulled from the prints. I’ve also combined bold larger-scale prints in a quilt, tossing aside the “does that match?” voice inside my head. These little changes make a difference and teach me a new lesson every time.”

–Linda Augsburg, editorial content chief


“When selecting fabrics for a project, I like to start by choosing a simple and controlled color palette. For inspiration, look around you at the objects you surround yourself with. Color combinations can be drawn from a favorite piece of artwork, a book cover or even a favorite outfit. I was once inspired by the packaging on a Starbucks coffee bag!”

–Elizabeth Stumbo, assistant art director


“Color choice depends on the size block I’m making. I like to make small blocks – ideally 4 or 5 inches square. When making smaller blocks it is better to choose fabrics with fewer patterns and colors. Because fabrics get cut into small pieces, a large scale print with lots of color looks very different when it’s chopped into tiny pieces. If you want to maintain definition in your pieces, choose fabrics that have a tone-on-tone or a mottled appearance. Batiks are also great choices when making small blocks. They are tightly woven and pieces are less likely to fray.”

–Jody Sanders, editor of Quilts and More


“I love scrappy quilts, so I usually go overboard by choosing WAY too many fabrics when I’m gathering fabrics from my stash for a new project. But I purposely try NOT to limit myself, because even though I may have gathered three times what I need, I always end up further refining the selection a few days (or months!) later when I come back to start cutting out the quilt. That way I’m still left with plenty of fabric for the project I’m working on.”

–Elizabeth Beese, senior editor of American Patchwork & Quilting


“I find color and fabric inspiration in collections. I love the colors in collections of Aurifil embroidery floss. Using the threads as a visual guide, I select matching solids and prints from my stash. Then I fill out the basic collection with lighter and darker, more saturated/less saturated fabrics.”

–Jill Mead, editor


“Let the fabric designer do the work! Buying fabric from a single fabric collection ensures that your fabrics will not only match, but also have a variety of prints, scales, and colors to work with. If you need to add fabric from your stash, look at the color dots on the fabric selvage to guarantee that whatever fabric you pull will match perfectly!”

–Lindsay Fullington, assistant multimedia editor


Follow along with the blog hop! Each blog will have a fun fabric giveaway and great tips for choosing fabric!

Tuesday, November 18: Launch at Martingale’s Stitch This! blog

Wednesday, November 19: Dana Brooks

Thursday, November 20: Leanne Anderson

Friday, November 21: AllPeopleQuilt.com (It’s us!)

Saturday, November 22: Janet Nesbitt

Monday, November 24: Linda Lum DeBono

Tuesday, November 25: Anni Downs

Wednesday, November 26: Kim Diehl

Friday, November 28: Jill Finley

Saturday, November 29: Amy Hamberlin

Monday, December 1: Margo Languedoc

Tuesday, December 2: Little Quilts

Wednesday, December 3: Lizzie B Cre8ive

Thursday, December 4: Heather Mulder Peterson

Friday, December 5: Jacquelynne Steves

Saturday, December 6: Wrap up at the Henry Glass blog


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  24. This book is going on my Christmas list.

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