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2014 Quilting To-Do List: Update 9

I can’t believe October is over! With only two months left to finish the quilts on my to-do list, I’m starting to panic! I finished one of my quilts this month and am really close to finishing two more, which will take a little stress off. I’m, of course, still enjoying the process, but my goal was to FINISH these five quilts and I don’t want to fall in the trap of putting them off until next year. I can tell you that I already have a long list of things I want to start in 2015, and don’t want a stack of “need-to-be-quilted” projects weighing on my conscience! See my list for making time to get projects done below.


On my to-do list this year:


I got one more of my APQ Quiltalong blocks done. I have six more to go before I can sew them all together. I’m still deciding if I want to do sashing or not. I’ve seen the quilt both ways on Instagram and love them both! This decision might come down to how much time I have left to finish this!



I finished the setting and borders for the Globetrotting Block of the Month.  I absolutely love the way this quilt turned out! Since I’m quilting this one myself, I need time to sketch out a quilting design. I’ve never quilted such a large quilt on my home machine, so it’ll be a fun challenge!



I cheated and took the pattern for the Quilts and More Winter Welcome Home door hanger a little early (the issue is officially on sale November 4). I’m making one for my mom for Christmas, since she loves snowmen. I have almost half of the appliqué done on one of the door hangers. A few more days of work on these and they should both be ready to go!


I have some tips for prioritizing projects. (See my tips for making your list here.)

1. Make a list. Although this seems like an obvious tip, writing down what you need to sew and any supplies you’ll have to buy can really help speed up the process. You’ll cut down on your number of shopping trips. Then organize your projects by how long they’ll take and when you need them done by. Then you can prioritize by deadline or squeeze in a project that will only take a few hours when you have a free afternoon.

2. Work before play. Although this isn’t something we love to hear, the quilts that you’re doing for yourself might need to take a backseat to any gifts or decor you need to make. And even though you may think you can always do your “work” projects tomorrow, my experience says that pushing back those type of projects can make you panic last-minute. Better to get them done as early as possible and if you have extra time, you can always do your “play” projects.

3. Recruit a friend. Did you decide to make holiday gifts for all the grandkids this year? Or did you get asked to make a few quilts for a charity auction? If you have fast deadlines or are overwhelmed with your to-do list, ask a sewing buddy to help out! Make an evening out of it with some snacks and a movie. Even if they don’t help you finish everything, they’ll at least make a dent and you’ll get some stress-relilef from the hangout.


Happy quilting in 2014! Share your own quilting to-do list in the comments and make sure to check back to  see my progress.


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  1. Those are great suggestions! I have so many projects that sometimes I feel overwhelmed (and even forget some of them), so to have a priority list would really work for me :)