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2014 Quilting To-Do List: Update 6

My month of relaxation is over. After almost two weeks or vacation time in July, I’m back to the grind. And while I did get a little sewing done this month, I concentrated on a quilt for a gift and a lot of reading. (Find out more about my goals this year in my resolutions blog – read it here.) My month off helped me regain focus on my projects and helped me look forward to working on my quilts for fun instead of a chore.


On my to-do list this year:



I got the last 20 blocks for this quilt cut out! Only a little more sewing to do and then I get to start the fun process of designing this quilt!



I got four more of the  American Patchwork & Quilting Quilt Along blocks done. Only 7 more blocks to go! Check out everyone’s blocks on Instagram if you need motivation or ideas (search: #apqquiltalong).


Seven of the blocks for the Globetrotting Block of the Month are done. The next block came out today, so I’ll be working on this soon!


I have some tips for jumpstarting your creativity. (See my tips for making your list here.)

1. Take time off. While it’s important to be creative every day to keep the juices flowing, it’s also alright to take some time off from your to-do list. I took time this month to be creative while reading, gardening, and baking. And while I did do some quilting, it was a gift that was not on my to-do list. Taking a break gives you the energy and motivation to move ahead on your projects.

2. Do what you feel. With nicer weather this month, I didn’t want to be cooped inside at my sewing machine. I, instead, opted for a lot of cutting. I liked being on my feet with some music playing. And touching the pretty fabric was a nice stress reliever after a long day. I still made progress on a quilt, but it wasn’t something that was time-consuming or felt like work

3. Let your mind wander. We always say in the office that sitting at your desk and thinking counts as work. While it may seem silly to let your mind wander while you’re working on a quilt, sometimes the best ideas or creative spark come from just sitting. If you’re not feeling the creative process, look at some quilting magazines, browse some websites for inspiration, or go to a store to look at fabric. You’ll be surprised how this can jumpstart your motivation!


Happy quilting in 2014! Share your own quilting to-do list in the comments and make sure to check back to  see my progress.


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