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Fall Book Club Pick

Star Quilts

by Mary Knapp

$14.99; C&T Publishing

Review by Jill Abeloe Mead, editor


If you’re smitten with star blocks, you’ll want to add this hidden gem of a book to your quilting library. Now out of print, but available an e-Book from the publisher, this 112 page volume by Mary Knapp guides you through drawing (yes, you can!) and constructing 35 amazing star blocks, in 8”, 12”, 15”, and 18” square sizes.


At first I was skeptical. The cover claims a “no-math drafting technique”. Rest assured, it’s an accurate statement. Although this book clearly is directed toward the intermediate to advanced quilter, there’s no math involved. (You do have to decide which of the four sizes of blocks you want to draw and sew.)


Mary guides you through creating each of her spectacular star block patterns by using one of four included grids (one for each size block). The grids aren’t the graph paper-variety. They are carefully crafted guides that Mary has developed to maintain the proportions in each design, regardless of the finished block size. As per instructions for each of the 35 blocks, you “connect the dots” to draw the desired block, in selected size. Of course, your drawing accuracy is important to the success of the block.


She includes a section on cutting and piecing with tips and techniques for making each block. The book includes templates for common shapes, construction tips, piecing and pressing techniques, and a paper-guided piecing tutorial. Assembly instructions are included for each of the 35 blocks.


The final section features a collection of five compelling projects: throws, a wall hanging, table topper, and table runner. Any of the projects would make a showcase suitable for your finished star blocks.



Buy this book here.

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