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Fall Book Club Pick

Knot Thread Stitch

by Lisa Solomon

$22.99; Quarry Books

Review by Jill Abeloe Mead, editor


Warning: I am an inveterate maker-of-stuff and this book is dangerous. I want to make every single one of the 17 projects included in this little book (except I will substitute my wanna-have Golden Retriever for the shown Chihuahua and Corgi-esque pooches in project: Pet Portraits).


This book is inspiring. It’s charming. Author Lisa Solomon, a fearless mixed-media artist, presents all the usual (but informative and stunningly photographed) getting started information…fabric, thread, tools, transferring designs, etc., in the opening pages. Then, she jumps straight into the really good stuff…the inspiring projects… but not before she gives you permission to use her ideas as a jumping-off point to do your own thing. Wait, wait there’s more. She shows her project and then hands each concept over to an artist or crafting friend to create their own take on her idea. And, she shows both projects and gives ideas, inspiration, and instruction for achieving great results with each.


With a tiny investment in needle and thread and something to stitch on, you can follow along and make what Lisa and other designers, bloggers, artists, and crafters have made. Or, you can create own take on each concept. You’ll learn not only 19 basic embroidery stitches, but also how to embellish stitches with mixed media. See-and-make a hand-carved stamp design (a delightful steam iron on a purchased apron), stitches on Shrinky-Dink zipper pulls and key chains, painted-and-stitched T-shirt (an irresistible, yellow Mini Cooper), robot finger puppets, cloud- embroidered pillowcases (for a heavenly night’s sleep), and more.


Rather than being a stitch-by-the-numbers book, this 144-page paperback is an idea book. Though instructions and patterns are presented for making each of the projects as shown, you are encouraged and invited to take your own creative wanderings from the path given to make small, fun, quirky and clever things. Take the challenge.

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