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100 Modern Quilt Blocks: Month 6


All my light green blocks for my  Tula Pink‘s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks are done! I now have a total of 80 blocks. I’m racing toward the finish line on this project and can’t wait to get the last blocks done and start on this scrappy bed quilt! I have a great mix of scrappy green, blue, teal, and brown blocks, which you can see in my previous blogs. (See my past blogs here.)


These 20 blocks have taught me an important lesson about looking at the whole quilt rather than always judging individual blocks. For example, I chose a neon green color, which I used in three blocks. I don’t necessarily love the look of it in those blocks and the color was hard to match. But it will provide an unexpected sparkle and a little surprise to the overall quilt. There were other fabrics in previous blocks that had a standout pattern or a crazy color that I included. These fabrics will be little charms to find throughout the quilt and (hopefully) a pleasing overall look!


My last 20 blocks blocks will be dark green! I have all the fabrics picked out and a list of the last blocks I need. I’m getting sad this project is coming to an end, but am looking forward to the process of laying all the blocks out and deciding placement! I’m sure this will take me longer than I think. Follow our blog to watch my progress! And follow us on Instagram at @allpeoplequilt to see weekly pics of the blocks I’m making.


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