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Round Robin: Nancy’s Flowers

See Nancy’s first blog about her Round Robin experience here.


Nancy says:

Would I do one of these again? Yes, but I would always want more time. I loved that these were small quilts too; it made it a little less intimidating. I did learn quite a bit seeing the techniques used by others. It was fun!



Round 1: Nancy

She says: I’ve gone through my stash and selected a scrappy palette of neutrals, grey, gold and teal. I want to do something improvisational with a folk art twist. I sketch out my flower block and get started. I made the flower petals from the scrappy strips randomly sewn together in two color palettes. The background for the flowers is a tone-on-tone cream.

Round 2: Jill

She says: Nancy appliquéd amazing flowers onto her quilt center. I wanted to add interest to the center, but not distract from the multi-piece flower petals she bordered with narrow strips of assorted prints. After several false starts, I pulled only dark prints out of her round robin fabric box. I cut narrow strips (7/8” each finished) for the piano key border and small squares (1- 7/8” square finished) for the first pieced border. I like the way this dark border adds depth to the piece and quietly allows the spotlight to continue to shine on the quilt center.



Round 3: Jody

She says:  I love the whimsical appeal of Nancy’s pieced flowers. I wanted them to be the center of attention. I drafted a 2” finished Square-in-a-Square foundation pieced block for the corners of the second border. When piecing little triangles, I find I am more accurate using foundation piecing. It does take extra time to remove the foundation paper and uses a little more fabric, but I think the extra effort and fabric waste is worth it to get sharp corners. I pieced together two shades of the same polka dot in the border pieces and carried that into the Square-in-a-Square corners.


Round 4: Elizabeth

She says: When I got Nancy’s round robin for the last round, there were several fabrics in the box that hadn’t been used since the middle portion, so I knew I wanted to use those for sure. The pale blue-green background fabric Nancy included also hadn’t been used much, so I thought of expanding the quilt center to make a large table runner. At the ends of the runner, I took a cue from the funky petals of Nancy’s flowers and strip-pieced scallop shapes, which reminded me of the tongue shapes on a penny rug.

ModKid Summer Fun Blog Hop


If there’s something we’re obsessed with in the office, it’s the word “mini.” Mini quilts, mini print, mini projects–we love them all! There’s just something so cute about seeing something we’re used to being a normal size look tiny (that’s why everyone steals those mini shampoo bottles from hotels, right??). That’s why Patty Young‘s new book Summer Fun for Stash Books is on our must-have reading list! Get your very own copy here.



The book features 7+ stylish projects for 18″ dolls (perfect for all those American Dolls your kids may have!). The projects are great for all the summer activities you have planned–from camping to swimming to playtime. Your child’s doll can experience summer fun right along with your child. Make multiples of a cute T-shirt and cargo shorts for mix-and-match outfits. A reversible sun hat, swim suit, beach bag, and swim suit cover-up are necessary for any day at the pool. And a sleeping bag and pillow will make your doll the most fashionable while camping. We chose to feature the pillow pattern! (If you didn’t know, Patty Young and her ModKid shop is a supporter of our One Million Pillowcase Challenge, so it only seemed fitting for us to make a pillow!).



Each pattern in this book is perfect for personalizing! We made the pillows reversible using a variety of Michael Miller fabrics. But you could add ribbon, rickrack, buttons, or embroidery to make it extra-special for your doll! The patterns in this book are so easy to understand and follow! They have full-size pattern sheets, full-color diagrams and photography, and include a variety of techniques, so you (and your child) can learn something along the way. Make sure to get your copy today!



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2014 Quilting To-Do List: Update 2

I can’t believe it’s April already! Three months (and a few days) into 2014, so I’m checking in on my quilting to-do list. If I could describe March in one word, it would be busy. Work was busy, life was busy….and I was really busy making progress on my quilts! (In case you missed my resolutions blog, read it here.)


On my to-do list this year:



I’m 60/100 blocks into my City Sampler quilt (there’s 20 pictured above). This was my main project for March and I pushed hard to get so many blocks done. It was also a nice perk to clean out some of the fabric I’d been hoarding for this project. My work space is cleaner and I love all the techniques I’m learning in this process. I can’t wait to finish all my blocks, but I need to spend a little more time collecting the right fabric for the last 40. I might take a break on this one for a month, so I can finish strong! (See my blog about it here.)


I got ALL my fabric cut for the American Patchwork & Quilting Quilt Along (and yes, it looks much less impressive after you stack it neatly). I spent a lot of time looking through other people’s Instagram pictures of their Quilt Along quilts (search: #apqquiltalong). I was so inspired that I pulled a few late nights and got all the pieces cut. I’m so excited to start sewing these together!



I have three blocks for the Globetrotting Block of the Month done and have all fabric picked out. The April block is on my weekend to-do list. As time goes on, I’m so happy I added a BOM project to my to-do list. It’s minimal time commitment each month, gives me something to look forward to, and is a nice change of pace from the largest quilts I’m working on.



I got the borders added to my Passion 48 project! I think I’m going to do my own quilting on this (I’m still deciding between hand- or machine-quilting). I can’t wait to get this quilt done and hung up! It’s been one of my UFO’s for so long and it’ll take a lot of weight off my mind to finish one of the items on my quilting to-do list!


Unfortunately, I made zero progress on my spring wall hanging from the current issue of Quilts and More! It’s completely shameful, because I still have a winter wreath on my door. This will be my main priority next week! Plus, the summer wall hanging is coming out in the Quilts and More issue at the end of the month, so I can’t start it until the spring one is done!



I have some tips for making process on your own quilting to-do list. (See my tips for making your list here.)

1. Resist the urge to add. There are always more projects that come up that I would love to add to my to-do list, but I know if I do, I won’t get the ones on my list done. And my goal for the year was to complete projects, not start more UFOs. I save the projects, so I can add them if I get really ahead on my list, but right now, I think of them as part of my to-do list next year!

2. Overcome obstacles. If you’re not making as much progress as you like on a quilt, think about what’s holding you back. Is it choosing fabric? Is it sewing blocks together? Is it calling your quilter? Once you identify the problem, set aside time in your schedule to work through it. When you overcome the obstacle, it should be easy quilting and a much more enjoyable process!

3. Set mini goals. At the beginning of the month I write down the least amount of process I want to make on each of my goals this month. Sometimes it just involves cutting all the fabrics and sometimes it’s making 40 blocks! No matter how small or big the goal is, I work toward the mini goals each day. It keeps the to-do list feeling attainable!


Happy quilting in 2014! Share your own quilting to-do list in the comments and make sure to check back to  see my progress.


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100 Modern Quilt Blocks: Month 5


All my blue blocks for my  Tula Pink‘s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks are done! I now have a total of 60 blocks (which, when I think about how many more I need to do, doesn’t seem that impressive). I have a great mix of scrappy blue, teal, and brown blocks, which you can see in my previous blogs. (See my past blogs here.)


I broke my own rule with these 20. I’d been keeping my fabric selection for each color way to 10 different fabrics, so that the blocks would coordinate. For the blues, I used 14 different fabrics. My reasoning was that the two blue rows of blocks will be the center of the quilt, so I wanted them to have a little more variety than the other rows. It was hard working with that many fabrics. I definitely was gravitating toward certain fabrics, and at the end had to make sure I was choosing the fabrics that I’d only cut into a few times. I think it makes for some disparate blocks–they stick out like a sore thumb to me and I’d like to redo some, but I think I’ll keep them for now and push forward. Once all 100 blocks are laying side by side, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell which blocks I wasn’t in love with.


My last 40 blocks blocks will be my favorite color–green! I’ll have 20 light green blocks and 20 dark green. Even though green is one of my favorite colors, I don’t have very many green fabrics. I’ve been slowly collecting the last few months, but don’t think I have enough to choose from yet. The hardest part of these blocks might be buying fabric! Follow our blog to watch my progress! And follow us on Instagram at @allpeoplequilt to see weekly pics of the blocks I’m making.


Buy Tula’s book here and play along with us!


Happy quilting,