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100 Modern Quilt Blocks: Month 4


I have 20 more blocks done for my  Tula Pink‘s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. After working with only browns and tans for my first 20 blocks, it was so nice to dig through my stash and pull out teals and turquoises. Especially with the long winter we’ve been having, these happy colors were so fun to design with! (See my past blogs here.)


These 20 blocks really taught me about fabric selection! In my first set of brown blocks, I worked with only 10 fabrics (it’s hard to find good browns and creams that blend together). But with teals, I was overwhelmed with options. Teal is such a hot color right now, so I had a very large pile of fabric that I wanted to use! And while I thought the bounty of options would make the design process easier and more varied, it actually made it harder. After scrapping three blocks that didn’t mesh together like I wanted, I reevaluated the fabrics. I noticed what fabric combinations I loved and which I were gravitated to most often. And even though I loved certain fabrics by themselves, I didn’t love how they were playing with others. I got rid of ones that weren’t working–and you’ll never believe this, but I ended up with only 10 fabrics (the same as my first 20 blocks!).


My next set of blocks will be a mix of light and dark blues. I have 15 different fabrics pulled for these blocks, so we’ll see if I naturally narrow my selection down to 10 again. Either way, I’m totally motivated to finish these next set of blocks, so I’ll be more than halfway done! Follow our blog to watch my progress! And follow us on Instagram at @allpeoplequilt to see weekly pics of the blocks I’m making.


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