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100 Modern Quilt Blocks: Month 3

After months and months of deliberation, I finally got in the groove with my blocks from Tula Pink‘s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Although I started this project back in (cringe) October, the holiday season kept me from devoting too much time to it. And if you read my first two blogs, you’ll know that I tried out two different ideas with the blocks before abandoning them.  (Read my first blog here. Read my second blog here.)


The plan for my quilt now is to have a total of 10 rows of 10 blocks. There will be two brown rows on the outside, will move through greens, teals, light blues, and end with a dark blue row in the middle.


Thanks to my Quilting To-Do List (my alternative to a New Year’s resolution), I found the motivation to start fresh and get sewing! Because I was so weighed down by the amount of both fabric I owned and the amount of blocks I needed to sew, I spent some time sorting my stash by color. I then went through and picked 10 brown fabrics that coordinated with each other. I used only these 10 fabrics in the 20 brown blocks I made. This kept me from getting overwhelmed with fabric choices and helped keep all my blocks looking cohesive, but with a little variety .


I look forward to working on the next set of colored blocks–maybe liven it up with some green! Follow our blog to watch my progress! And follow us on Instagram at @allpeoplequilt to see weekly pics of the blocks I’m making.


Buy Tula’s book here and play along with us!


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  1. My quilting buddy Jeanne and I are also working on a year-long project using Tula’s book. We split the book (she is doing the odd blocks and I am doing the even) and will make two of each block we do. We decided to each choose a solid and a few “inspiration” fabrics to use as a guide so that there will be a cohesive theme in all the blocks.

    It is a really fun project and I look forward to seeing how your quilt turns out!