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Staff Round Robin

We were super inspired by the four awesome designers who chose to do a Round Robin for our February 2014 issue (buy the digital issue here).Gudrun Erla, Kari Carr, Terri Degenkolb, and Terry Atkinson agreed to a quilting round robin in which they each would design their own center motifs and entrust the other three to progressively build their quilt tops. In addition to the center motif, they had agreed to ship 20 fat quarters and a 3-yard supply of background fabric to the next quilter. Other than these basic parameters, they were left to their own devices–no rules, no constraints.


Although it caused them a little stress, all four agreed that it pushed their personal boundaries and forced a different kind of creativity. See the four finished quilts and read about each of their journeys here.


Four of our own staff members decided they were up for the challenge of an office round robin. With the holidays approaching, they opted for a mini version of a Round Robin.


Here are their rules:

  • Their quilt centers (round 1) will be no larger than 12″ square finished.
  • When giving their quilt center to the next person, they will include 10–20 fat quarters and 1 yard of background fabric.
  • Just like the original No-Rules Round Robin, they won’t be able to see their quilt center again until the big reveal after the final round.


The order they are going to go in is Jill Abeloe Mead (editor), Jody Sanders (editor), Elizabeth Beese (senior editor), and Nancy Wiles (design director).


The dates for completing each round of quilts and passing it to the next person:

  • Round 1: 12/6/13
  • Round 2: 12/24/13
  • Round 3: 1/14/14
  • Round 4 (reveal): 2/4/14


Each will be journaling about their process on our blogs, so make sure to come back and read!

See Jill’s blog.

See Jody’s blog.

See Nancy’s blog.

See Elizabeth’s blog.


Want to host your own Round Robin? Get our cute invitations, journaling cards, and quilt labels to get started! Print them here. 

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  1. Looks interesting. Not sure how it works, but I am in!

  2. I look forward to participate