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Perfect Your Skills: Flying Geese

Each month, learn a fun trick or tip to make your quilting easier and more polished!

We love the look of Flying Geese, but sometimes we don’t like making them. You can sew Flying Geese units using two methods. Find the one that’s easiest for you, then get quilting!



Method 1: Specialty Ruler

1. For one Flying Geese unit, gather the two squares and one rectangle as stated in your pattern.


2. Align one square with one end of the rectangle.


3. Place the ruler on layered fabrics with one 45° line along the top edge of rectangle and the other 45° line along the perpendicular edge of square. The corner of the square will fit neatly into the notch that is created where 45° lines cross (Photo 1). The black dotted line on the ruler, which is the seam line, will run diagonally from corner to corner on background square.


4. Trim off the corner (Photo 1). Sew layered pieces together, 1⁄4″ from cut edge.


5. Press open attached triangle, pressing seam toward triangle (Photo 2).


6. Add a second square at opposite end of rectangle. Fit corner of square into the ruler notch, making sure the dotted line runs from corner to corner. Trim off corner (Photo 3). Sew as before to make a Flying Geese unit (Photo 4).



Watch designer Karen Montgomery demonstrate this method using her Quick Trim ruler from Creative Grid.



Method 2: Mark Pieces

1. Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each square. (To prevent fabric from stretching as you draw lines, place 220-grit sandpaper under each square.)


2. Align a marked square with one end of a rectangle (Diagram 1; note direction of drawn line). Sew on drawn line, then trim excess, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press open attached triangle, pressing seam toward triangle.


3. In same manner, add a second marked square to opposite end of rectangle (Diagram 1; again note direction of drawn line). Stitch, trim, and press as before to make a Flying Geese unit.


See editor Jennifer Keltner demonstrate this technique.

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  1. Could you email this pattern to me if at all possible? I’ve been looking for something that a group could make for a raffle and this pattern would be perfect!

    It’s interesting and at the same time is easy enough for everyone to do.


  2. The pattern is free on our website here:

    Thanks, Lindsay
    Web Editor,