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100 Modern Quilt Blocks

I’ve always been a fan of Tula Pink! And after reading the profile we published about her in American Patchwork & Quilting October 2013 (buy the issue here), I was both inspired and curious of her design process. Her new book City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks seemed to be the perfect introduction to her design process, but also a way for me to expand my own skills and creativity.



The book  features blocks inspired by traditional work sewn together in a sampler quilt. The blocks, numbered 1–100, are organized into section by the simple shape they use to make up a more intricate design, such as rectangles or triangles. Tula also shows sketches of her quilt block designs, so you can see her use of color and prints in each block. As a beginning quilter, I’m so excited to use this book as a way to experiment with different shapes, as well as see how color and fabric can combine to form something beautiful.


I have an ulterior motive for starting Tula’s 100 block quilt, too. I’ve developed quite the fabric stash over the years and it’s starting to get out of hand. My taste in fabrics has changed, and I want to start a new stash with more recent fabrics. This 100 block challenge gives me the opportunity to clean house. Since there are so many blocks, I can use scraps of fabric I’ve been saving for too long. Even if it’s a fabric I’m not completely in love with, I can still say that it’s only one fabric from the hundreds I plan to use in my quilt. Plus, it’s so easy to just remake a block if it doesn’t turn out the way I expect.


Since Tula already did the work of choosing colors for each block, I’m sticking to her choices. I love the look of rainbows and look forward to showcasing a spectrum of colors and prints in my final quilt. I’ve dug through my stash and pulled out all my reds and pinks. I’ll be starting with those blocks. Here are my first three. Although these are three very different colors of reds, I plan on finding colors to bridge the gaps between them to form a nice flow of reds.


Block numbers 23, 56, 94:


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Buy Tula’s book here and play along with us!


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