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Each month, we highlight the books we’re reading in the office. We’re looking for ways to use up some of our scraps before the holiday season!


Triple-Play Scrap Quilting: Planned, Coordinated, and Make-Do Styles by Nancy Allen for Martingale 


Designer Nancy Allen is a scrap expert. She makes scrappy quilt accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level, the size of their stash, or their style of quilting. Each of the nine quilt patterns in this book are shown in three colorways–”coordinated scrappy,” “planned scrappy,” and “make-do scrappy.” Coordinated scrappy uses fabrics from one fabric collection, which is perfect if you’re a precut collector. Planned scrappy uses fabrics in a particular color scheme, which is especially great if you need a quilt to match a particular decor. And a making do quilt uses the fabrics you have on hand to get a true scrappy look. Nancy also includes helpful tips on buying fabrics and planning your fabric placement.

Buy the book here.


Scraps Plus One!: New Patterns to Quilt Through Your Stash with Ease by Joan Ford


Inspired by the striking contrast of red-and-white quilts she saw on display, Joan created a book around the idea of pairing scraps with white. This idea expanded to include scraps paired with black, scraps paired with a technique, and scraps paired with an inspiration print. All 20 projects in this book incorporate your stash of leftover fabric into organized and beautiful quilts! Joan combines personal stories, large diagrams, easy-to-follow instructions, and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. After reading this book, you’ll be inspired to use your scraps in a variety of projects!

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Scrap Quilts Fit for a Queen or a Kind, Twin or Lap! by Sally Schneider for Martingale


It’s hard to alter quilt patterns for the size bed quilt you need already–but with a scrappy quilt, it’s even more difficult to figure out how much fabric you need. Designer Sally takes the guess work out of the 10 scrappy quilts in this book by doing the math for you! Each beautiful quilt comes in multiple sizes, from lap to King! Get the yardage, cutting instructions, and number of blocks in each size so you can spend more time at your sewing machine than at the calculator.

Buy the book here.

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