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Blogs We <3 This Month

Once a month, we highlight blogs our staff is reading right now!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts

Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans Inc. is am amazing quilt designer that has been featured in our magazines multiple times. She’s also an author and teacher, traveling the country to teach workshops. With an art background, her quilts are fresh, modern, and playful. Her blog (which she updates almost every day) is full of great tutorials, photos of her current projects, and pictures of her really cute dogs! Victoria has such an eye for color and design. Just looking at her quilts and they way she plans blocks is sure to be inspiring and thought-provoking!

Read her blog here.



Quilting is My Therapy


This blog belongs to machine-quilting rockstar Angela Walters. For anyone who loves to drool over beautiful and intricate quilting designs, this blog is for you! Not only does Angela share photos of the quilts she’s quilted, but she also gives great tips and techniques for anyone looking to improve their own quilting. Plus, she has an amazing new fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics that she’s using in new projects. Angela makes quilting seem easy, but also completely attainable for all those that want to take their quilts to the next level!

Read her blog here. 



Stitched in Color



There’s one word that describes what Rachel Hauser’s Stitched In Color blog makes us feel: happy. Rachel has only been sewing for four years, but you can tell the passion and talent she has for quilting! The fabrics she uses are bright and colorful, and her designs range from classic blocks to improvisational piecing. Her blog has something for everyone! She features free tutorials for projects, sells her great patterns, and even hosts quilt-alongs and giveaways. And best of all, she’s using her talents to help others. Many of her quilts, like the one pictured above, are donated to charities.

Read her blog here.