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Make It Tonight: Garland


Garlands are so easy to make and are a simple way to add color to your home! We’ve been making tons of  garlands from paper scraps in the office lately. You can hang them on a mantel, from the ceiling, or off an embroidery hoop to a mobile. These are so fun (and cheap!) to make, you can assemble one for each room or for a special occasion, such as a wedding or baby shower.


Materials for One Garland:

Assorted cardstock

1/2″ star punch

1″ star punch


Finished garland: about 6 feet long



Cut Paper:

For this project, we choose five different colors of cardstock. Choose colors to match your decor, the season, or occasion.


From assorted cardstock, punch:

• 30—1/2″ stars


From assorted cardstock, punch:

• 20—1″ stars



Assemble Garland:

1. Mix all 50 punched stars together.

2. Select a star from the pile and push it through your sewing machine. Select a second star and do the same, leaving space between the stars or putting them on top of each other for more dimension. Repeat the process until all 50 stars have been sewn into a garland.


Tip: If you plan to hang your garland, leave a 4″-long thread tail at each end for tying.


Tip: Paper can dull a machine needle. After sewing paper garlands, change out your needle.


Tip: Think of all the different possibilities for garland! Choose blue or pink cardstock for a baby shower decoration, or punch hearts for Valentine’s Day. See examples below of all the ways we’re using paper garlands in our office. To make the Christmas one below, punch circles from two-sided holiday cardstock. Stack two circles and push the layered pair through the machine; continue with layered circles until you reach your desired length. To finish, fan out the layered circles into three-dimensional shapes.







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