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Trend Talk: Hexagons

Every month, we highlight a trend in quilting and show you how you can add this hip style to your projects!


We LOVE hexagons! And if you’ve seen our Fall issue of Quilts and More, you’ll know that they’re a very versatile shape. (Buy the latest issue here.) Stumped at how to use this shape in your quilts? We chose some of our favorite products and patterns that will make it a snap to add this six-sided shape to your quilting.



Four hexagon books for your must-read list:

Three acrylic templates you need to own:



And now that you have all the tools, browse our collection of free quilt patterns that feature hexagons! See them here.



Perfect Your Skills: Points

Each month, learn a fun trick or tip to make your quilting easier and more polished!


Are your points not lining up perfectly? Try this!

After sewing together two block units, stab a pin through the point where the block units come together.


Leaving that pin in place, pin pieces together on either side of the seam line.


Leave the pins in place just until you are about to sew over them. The result will be perfectly aligned points in your block.


One Million Pillowcase Challenge Blog Hop


It’s no surprise that we LOVE pillowcases in the office! Not only are they such a fun way to play with fabric and color, but they are so quick to whip up! We think every head needs a creative and beautiful pillowcase to sleep on.


That’s where our cause comes in. We started the One Million Pillowcase Challenge in 2010. We’d been teaching quilters techniques and giving patterns through our magazines for years, but knew there was a component we were missing–charity. Quilters and sewers are some of the kindest people we know and we wanted to challenge them to use their talents to help others! Now, because of the generosity of quilters and sewers around the nation, more than 500,000 pillowcases have been created and donated to local charities to give those in need hope, encouragement, or comfort.


Just how much is half a million pillowcases? It takes 625,000 yards of fabric to create 500,000 pillowcases. That’s 5,208 football field lengths of fabric! That much fabric would stretch 355 miles and weigh approximately 104 tons. You could place four pillowcases on every seat in Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, (the largest stadium in North America) and still have enough left over to also place one pillowcase on nearly every seat in Soldier Field in Chicago. That’s a lot of pillowcases!


To celebrate reaching this amazing milestone, we hosted a Pinterest voting event, where readers could vote for their favorite of our free pillowcase patterns. The winning pillowcase was a cute one with a train applique. We asked some of our favorite designers and our sponsors to participate in a blog hop featuring this winning pillowcase (or a variation of the shapes). We were lucky enough to have the AccuQuilt die cut in our office, which made quick work of the train shapes, but the free pattern has the pattern pieces included! Our pillowcase, above, uses the Sketch and Flora collections from Timeless Treasures. We love how fresh the lime and pink colors looks together. The elegant floral designs help this train pattern become more sophisticated.


See what our designer friends and sponsors did with this pillowcase pattern:


Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction

Andover Fabrics


Betsy Chutchian

Coats & Clark

Crazy Old Ladies



Handi Quilter

How To Sew

Jeni Baker of In Color Order

Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts

Michael Miller Fabrics

Moda Bake Shop

Moda Fabrics


Pat Sloan

Patty Young of ModKid Boutique

Roseann Kermes of Rosebud’s Cottage

Shannon Fabrics

Swirly Girls Design

Terry Atkinson



Thanks to everyone who has donated over the years and our wonderful sponsors for helping us spread the word about this cause. And we can’t forget to thank the quilt shops across the nation that have collected pillowcases in the community and held pillowcase-making events in their stores. No matter how big or small your donation is it really does make a huge difference in another person’s life!


Learn more about the One Million Pillowcase Challenge.

Find a list of suggested charities.

Find shops in your area that collect pillowcases.

Get free patterns.

Add your pillowcases to our count!





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Make It Tonight: Garland


Garlands are so easy to make and are a simple way to add color to your home! We’ve been making tons of  garlands from paper scraps in the office lately. You can hang them on a mantel, from the ceiling, or off an embroidery hoop to a mobile. These are so fun (and cheap!) to make, you can assemble one for each room or for a special occasion, such as a wedding or baby shower.


Materials for One Garland:

Assorted cardstock

1/2″ star punch

1″ star punch


Finished garland: about 6 feet long



Cut Paper:

For this project, we choose five different colors of cardstock. Choose colors to match your decor, the season, or occasion.


From assorted cardstock, punch:

• 30—1/2″ stars


From assorted cardstock, punch:

• 20—1″ stars



Assemble Garland:

1. Mix all 50 punched stars together.

2. Select a star from the pile and push it through your sewing machine. Select a second star and do the same, leaving space between the stars or putting them on top of each other for more dimension. Repeat the process until all 50 stars have been sewn into a garland.


Tip: If you plan to hang your garland, leave a 4″-long thread tail at each end for tying.


Tip: Paper can dull a machine needle. After sewing paper garlands, change out your needle.


Tip: Think of all the different possibilities for garland! Choose blue or pink cardstock for a baby shower decoration, or punch hearts for Valentine’s Day. See examples below of all the ways we’re using paper garlands in our office. To make the Christmas one below, punch circles from two-sided holiday cardstock. Stack two circles and push the layered pair through the machine; continue with layered circles until you reach your desired length. To finish, fan out the layered circles into three-dimensional shapes.







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We Heart It, It’s Free


Once a month, we highlight our favorite free quilt and sewing patterns around the web!




Rub-a-Dub-Dub Baby Wash Cloth from Shannon Fabrics

Made for Shannon Fabrics by Veronica from sewVery, this wash cloth is super easy to whip up! It’s made with terry cloth and Cuddle fabrics for an oh-so-soft finish.Go back to their blogs to see a tutorial for a matching burp cloth and baby bib!



Click here to get the free pattern.





Sunnyside Diamond Zig-Zag Quilt from Moda Bake Shop

We’re in love with the chevron look in the office, and this quilt is perfect for whetting our appetite! Made by Janice Ryan from Better Off Thread using Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics, this quilt is breezy and beautiful!



Click here to get the free pattern.





Zipped Up Selvage Pouch from Bernina’s We All Sew

We’re all for using up our scraps! Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. sewed her selvages together for the most fun zippered pouch we’ve seen in awhile–perfect for holding extra thread and needles or to make as a back-to-school gift for the kids!



Click here to get the free pattern.





Disappearing Nine-Patch Table Runner Tutorial from Fabri-Quilt

Using a modern fall color scheme from  Marblehead by Ro Gregg for Fabri-Quilt, this table runner will last the entire season! They show you how to make the one required block for this runner, but give you four different ways to arrange them. Choose the one you like best!



Click here to get the free pattern.





Back-to-School Nap Mat from Timeless Treasures designer Samarra Khaja

Primary colors and simple shapes are perfect for a kid’s quilt featuring Samarra’s school-inspired fabric lines. We may be big dorks in the office, but we’re dying to make this quilt as a standout wall hanging.



Click here to get the free pattern.