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Jody’s Passion 48: June

I have had so much fun working on my Passion 48 project – Urban Attitude by Cherri House (author of City Quilts and Urban Views).


I have finished piecing together the last rows.



And completed pressing and clipping threads.


All fourteen rows have been sewn together!


Next week I’ll piece the backing and binding and then it’s off to the machine quilter. It’s always good to discuss expectations with your machine-quilter. Telling them, “Do whatever you want” isn’t always the best solution. You may not be happy with the result. If you are unsure of how you would like something quilted ask your quilter for suggestions on design and thread options. Let the quilter know if you want the thread color to blend in or be the main attraction. Evaluate the intended use. Will the quilt be used and laundered frequently? If so, an allover design may be more economical than custom quilting.

3 Responses to “Jody’s Passion 48: June”

  1. Love the colors and fabrics, Jody! So rich!

  2. Please consider adding a Pinterest icon to your site so we can share or post from here. This Urban Attitude is spot on, I like it so much I am inspired to buy the pattern nd Orkney on fabric collection

  3. Love the colors on this quilt. My 3 y.o. wants me to sew him one, too. I don’t know where that will fit into my schedule, though! Can’t wait to see how it looks quilted. I hope you post a photo of the finished quilt in the future. Have a super day!