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Love These Locker-style Baskets!

We’ve updated our Sewing Lab here at American Patchwork & Quilting®–and we’re beyond excited about the new look. Our first refresh came in the form of Koala Cabinets. If you want to see what we picked out, check out this video.

Our latest update has helped us get a handle on our vast Fabric Library—where we store the most current lines of fabric sent to our offices by a variety of companies.

We use these fabrics to create color options, for photography when we’re pulling together a Color Inspiration article, and to stitch samples when we’re doing step-by-step how-to photos.

We have two Ikea Expedit shelf units that have 25 openings each.

Before, they were filled with baskets Ikea sells to fit the openings. Good looking, but not too functional, as fabric can get heavy and the bins weren’t really designed for that.

So, we were thrilled to find a new locker-style basket being introduced as part of the Better Homes and Gardens® collection at WalMart.  (Note: Better Homes and Gardens magazine is the flagship title of Meredith Corporation, which also publishes American Patchwork & Quilting magazine).

And our favorite part is the area on each end where you can write with chalk.

In the Sewing Lab, we use this area to identify the fabric company whose contents are inside the basket.

But we see plenty of applications for all of us to use them in our home sewing spaces—and identify bins by project, color of contents, or fabric collections.

Reasonably priced, these affordable baskets come with snap-on canvas liners that are easily removed for laundering.

Best of all, they’re sturdy and we’ve found that one can hold more than 300 uniformly-folded fat quarters—and still be able to slide into the shelf opening. Now that’s a great storage solution for your stash!

So, if you’re looking to update your sewing space with a look that’s fresh, clean and right on trend, check out these canvas-lined wire storage baskets from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at WalMart. You should find them in stores and online at by early June, 2013. I think you’ll love them!

Jennifer Keltner
Executive Editor, American Patchwork & Quilting

9 Responses to “Love These Locker-style Baskets!”

  1. These baskets are a great idea. I do not shop at WalMart. Are they available anywhere else?



  2. I like a lot..might be an idea as a giveaway, with instructions on how to fold, store our stash to get to look like this…fat quarters on up are easier to fold, making it look good. What about those pieces that are too good to throw away. ?

  3. Wouldn’t I love to be able to visit that room. Such gorgeous fabrics!

    I love the basket idea, but I would probably remove the canvas so I could see more of them.

    Many thanks for the great idea and I do love WalMart.

  4. What size are these baskets?

  5. Baskets come in small and medium. Which size fits ipn IKEA expedit? My expedit unit is 13×13. The dimensionsl of these on the walmart website would be too big??

  6. Our baskets are approximately 15″ long, 13″ wide, and 11″ deep. —Lindsay Fullington,

  7. Are the baskets used the small or medium version. The dimensions on the Walmart website do not come close to the dimensions Stacy listed. Please help

  8. Wow! I love the look of these baskets! I wish I could have a whole wall of them in my studio, too. This looks like a good storage and organization option for fabrics and quilt projects. I like the way you can easily change the title of the contents of the baskets with the little chalkboards. I will be looking for these on my next weekly trip to the “Big W”. Have a super day!

  9. The medium baskets would be too long; they must be using the small ones.