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Jill’s Passion 48: March

Now in the middle of month three of Passion 48, I have enough quarter-circles stitched to complete more than half the blocks in the quilt.



I’m glad I chose to use paper foundation piecing instead of cutting and sewing small wedges to make the 40-segment circles. I am certain I’d still be cutting the required forty pieces per block (times 12 blocks…480 wedges total) if I hadn’t decided to use this quick-and-precise piecing method.


Finding a copy machine that would feed the foundation paper successfully was tricky. My co-worker Lisa went on a (successful) hunt for a copy machine that would accommodate the
lightweight paper and print true-to-size after we tried three other machines that either pleated the paper or printed an image that wasn’t 100% of the original size. The lightweight paper will be easy to remove after each circle is stitched. Copy machine weight paper is much heavier and more challenging to remove.



Each time I look at the photo of Tamara Barfels’ Under the Big Top quilt I’m inspired to keep sewing. This quilt makes me feel happy.


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