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Lindsay’s Passion 48: March

I can’t believe I just started my third month of Passion 48! (Read my first month and second month blogs if you missed them.) I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made and am finally at a point where I can give you all a sneak peek at what my final quilt will look like.


The throw features three Dresden plates. I’ll trim one so it falls off the corner of the quilt and the one on top is a little smaller than the other two. I like the look of having the flowers placed randomly so they look like they’re growing up the quilt.

This past week, I spent almost my entire hour looking at the colors and patterns of the fabric and laying them out in a way that looks visually pleasing. It’s been a challenge while making this quilt to balance the strong colors and prints that this fabric line has. Right from the beginning I was very strategic about which fabrics I picked and how they were arranged. Since I knew the background print featured a lot of black, I made sure that the flower petals didn’t contain very much black so they would pop off the quilt.

When arranging the petals on the Dresden plate, I would lay the pieces out on a cutting board, making sure that none of the same pattern type were touching. Then I would stand above it and lose focus on the fabric so it had a slightly blurred look (see below). That would let me focus on color placement. The strong colors like red, yellow, and green stand out and I could figure out how to better balance the colors.

In the example above, I thought there was too much red on the left side. So, I switched around some of the pieces and decided on the finished design (below). It’s much more balanced and still has a separation of prints.

Do you have any tricks on color placement? I’d love to hear them!

Are you following along with our staff’s projects? See details about Passion 48 here and keep coming back every week to see everyone’s progress. If you’re interested in making this quilt along with me, you can buy the pattern here.


Happy Quilting,