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Lisa’s Passion 48: February

I’m two full months into my Passion 48 project and I’m still cutting. So far I’ve cut all the rectangles (more than 700 pieces!) and I’m almost done with the C and D template pieces.


I cut patterns C and D from template plastic, then used a 28mm rotary cutter (instead of scissors) to cut the C and D pieces. I was just too impatient to use scissors and I think I can be more accurate with the small rotary cutter and a ruler (along the straight edges).


Here’s a snapshot of all the pieces I’ve cut so far.



When I was trying to decide what colors I wanted to use in my version of Points of Pride, I used colored pencils to fill in a blank quilt assembly diagram. So even though I haven’t sewn a stitch yet, I can refer to my coloring diagram if I need a little re-inspiration!



The most exciting part of my progress? I should be able to start sewing in the next week or two. If you want to make your own version of Points of Pride, purchase the pattern on from and start today!


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  1. This will be a beautiful quilt.I love your color choices!