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Nancy’s Passion 48: February

Oh! One of my favorite quilts was recently put on display in our Craft Lab, Starry Night featured in our past bookazine Antique Quilts. I have always been inspired by this remake. When I look at it I can’t help but to admire the great craftsmanship. So as I work on my first project with stars it helps to have this beauty to look at.


I am enjoying the process and slowing down to improve on some of my skills with this project.  I‘m sure next week when I sew some more of these triangle blocks together I’ll be feeling much more confidant and, of course, they will be perfectly square. I have at least half of the fabric cut out and I can’t wait to get more sewn together.


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2 Responses to “Nancy’s Passion 48: February”

  1. Where can I purchase the bookazine Antique quilts? Is it still available?

  2. It’s not currently available, but it’s something we hope to have available in the near future!