Jody’s Passion 48: February | Staff Blog

Jody’s Passion 48: February

The first three weeks I was cutting, cutting, cutting (see my January post). Even though I don’t have all my blocks cut, I wanted to start sewing together blocks.

Week 4–I was able to make 15 blocks in the allotted 60 minutes. I chain pieced and ironed five blocks at a time.



Week 5–I wanted to see if I could make more blocks during my 60 minutes, so I changed my method and chain pieced all 15 blocks before pressing. I still had time left over and was able to make four more blocks for a total of 19.



Week 6 –I eeked out one more block than the week before and made 20 for a total of 54. I need 70 to make my bed-size quilt. Will I reach to my goal in week 7?



Week 7–I spent some time looking at/admiring my blocks, trying decide if I need more of certain colors. I just LOVE these fabrics by Marcia Derse  for Riverwoods by Troy.

I was able to make 12 blocks this week for a total of 66 (out of 70 needed).  I see that I was influenced by the cold, dreary weather we have been experiencing lately–my blocks aren’t as bright as they have been in previous weeks!