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February 2013

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Jody’s Passion 48: February

The first three weeks I was cutting, cutting, cutting (see my January post). Even though I don’t have all my blocks cut, I wanted to start sewing together blocks.

Week 4–I was able to make 15 blocks in the allotted 60 minutes. I chain pieced and ironed five blocks at a time.



Week 5–I wanted to see if I could make more blocks during my 60 minutes, so I changed my method and chain pieced all 15 blocks before pressing. I still had time left over and was able to make four more blocks for a total of 19.



Week 6 –I eeked out one more block than the week before and made 20 for a total of 54. I need 70 to make my bed-size quilt. Will I reach to my goal in week 7?



Week 7–I spent some time looking at/admiring my blocks, trying decide if I need more of certain colors. I just LOVE these fabrics by Marcia Derse  for Riverwoods by Troy.

I was able to make 12 blocks this week for a total of 66 (out of 70 needed).  I see that I was influenced by the cold, dreary weather we have been experiencing lately–my blocks aren’t as bright as they have been in previous weeks!


Jill’s Passion 48: February

Fourteen block segments completed and many fabric strips cut, I am making progress on my Passion 48 project. Here’s my inspiration: Tammy Barfel’s Under The Big Top from the October 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.



Instead of showing you my short stack of completed segments, I’m sharing a charming circus-inspired art assemblage a creation of childhood friend, artist and avid (and knowledgeable) button collector, Janet White.



Look closely; you’ll see this circus “wagon” combines buttons, spools, buckles, thimbles, and more. Look for the tape measure among the other sewing-related findings.



Labeled a “baggage car,” this little wonder brings color and good cheer to my sewing studio half the year. I am a co-owner; the baggage car is scheduled to travel between Iowa and California on a six-month rotation. Soon it will find its way to be with my sister to be part of her sewing studio.



FYI: I am getting faster at piecing segments. I can now complete four in an hour if everything is ready to go (that includes having prewound the bobbins).


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Lindsay’s Passion 48: February

It’s been quite a journey since I last blogged about my Passion 48 project. (Did you miss my first blog? Read it here.) I’ve learned so much about who am I as a quilter and have gained real insight in where my strengths and trouble areas are in the quilting process.

One thing I do know (and maybe there are others out there!) is that I’m incapable of following a pattern. I’ve been knitting and crocheted without patterns for years. And I rarely follow instructions when it comes to crafts. I’ve always been a person to work in bursts of creativity and passion, so plans and rules have never been a part of my creative process. I’m not surprised that after getting a little comfortable with sewing I strayed from the Picture This pattern found in the Quilts and More Winter 2012 issue (buy the pattern here).

After a few hours of cutting and sewing, I had one Dresden Plate finished. I was so proud of how it turned out. I ever had my first experience using a machine to sew something other than a straight line. (If you look at the picture below, you can tell how it went for me!) But it’s mistakes like this that will remind me of the learning process and will be a nice memory years later when I look at my first quilt.



Since I finished one Dresden Plate so quick, I decided to completely ignore the original quilt pattern and instead use it as inspiration. My new quilt (at least right now…who knows how it’ll develop as months go on) will be a throw size and will feature three of these retro looking flowers. I even shrunk the templates to 80% of their original size, so I could have variance in the size of the flowers. I’m almost done with the third.



The more I work with the fabrics and the shapes, the more I love what the quilt is evolving into–I think it’s a real representation of my style! Come back next month to see my challenge with color and prints and how I’m making these fabrics work with one another.

Are you following along with our staff’s projects? See details about Passion 48 here and keep coming back every week to see everyone’s progress. If you’re interested in making this quilt along with me, the pattern will be available online in a few weeks.

Share any tips or thoughts with me in the comments section.


Happy Quilting,


Lisa’s Passion 48: January

When I was trying to decide which quilt to make for my Passion 48 project, I had some specific criteria in mind. I wanted to select a:

• bed-size quilt

• pattern that would challenge me

• design that I love, but might not spend the time to finish

• quilt that I could work on for 48 weeks without tiring of the photo, method, etc.


So I decided to choose Points of Pride by Dolores Smith and Sarah Maxwell of Homestead Hearth. When I first saw the cover image from the August 2010 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, I fell in love with this quilt.


Although I love the patriotic palette of the original quilt, those colors aren’t really me. I decided to brighten up my version by using a scrappy mix of blue, gray, and green fabrics.


In January, I spent an hour each week pressing and cutting. So far, I’ve managed to cut all the blue rectangles (320, to be exact) and more than 200 gray rectangles. My cutting skills were a little slow at the start, but by mid-January I hit my stride. I hope to start sewing in the next few weeks, maybe I’ll have some blocks to show off in February!