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Nancy’s Passion 48: January

I chose Double Dutch by Sandy Klop for my Passion 48 project (more about that here). I decided to challenge myself to work on something with triangles. I tend to be a lover of speed sewing and I tend to pick projects that I can complete before I fall in love with another color palette. The quilt Double Dutch is divided up in six color ways in big 18-inch blocks. The various colored blocks should keep my craving for color variety very happy!


For my fabric selection, I thought I might use fabrics I had in my stash. My very first week of the 48-week challenge I started cutting. My first challenge came quickly. Some of the shirting fabrics in my stash group were too loose and raveled on my triangle points, not a good thing.  I’ll save them for some other sewing project. I’ll be making some refinements to my selection and probably doing a bit of shopping! I need to gather some more whites, too. Meanwhile, I have lots of white to cut, and there will be a bit more cutting for a few more weeks for me. Maybe I’ll do a block at a time to admire my progress.


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  1. I would definitely be sewing the blocks as I went along! I don’t think I ever cut everything ahead because I want to be able to change my mind as I go. I can’t wait to see how all these projects come along! What fun!